Friday, 31 August 2007

Between 10.42 and 11.15 the following were noted
Cit 525 OY-JMC arrived at 10.40 as MMD6141 (Below)
With TB-20 N97GP arriving at 10.44 (Below)
Both photos by Pat Hardyman-Richards
Also seen were BAe 125 ????? (reported coded C)
training as Cranwell 88.
Outside the Avon hanger were B 209 G-AZVA, PA-28 G-DENE and Katana G-BXTS.
South east H had Gazelle XZ303 while DA-42 G-CTCE was twaining.

Thursday 30-08-07
Arriving at 09.37 was Falcon 900 OY-OKK as MMD6341 (Below)
departed at 10.10.
Pat Hardyman-Richards
Also noted were Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM
Apron 2 PA-28 D-ERRO and Ces 172 G-GBTL.
Later Cit 550 G-ESTA was training.

Wednesday 29-08-07
Noted around 12.30 were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM and PA-34 G-CAHA,
Apron 2 had Ces 182 G-OJRM and PA-32 N2923N,
Departing was Tutor G-BYVE,
with PA-34 G-BOUM training.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Noted at 10.30 were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM,
Apron 2 Ces G-BXVY,
Apron 3 Ces G-GBTL and Cit 550 D-CSFD,
South east H AS-355 G-WIRE.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Friday 24-08-07
Being preped for departure was Emirates A-330 A6-EKU
eventually departing at 12.15 as UAE 7008.
Is this the last one for Air Livery
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Also noted were
In centre bay B-747 9G-MKP and DC-8 9G-MKH
Outside west bay DC-8 9G-MKG looks as if its being parted out.
Glasair G-KSIR was on apron 1.

At 09.00 Be 200 G-BVMA was on apron 1
Reported later were Be 200 G-FPLD, B-222 G-NOIR and PA-28 G-ZANG.

Wednesday 22-08-07
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Arriving at 19.12 was Premier 1 G-FRYL as MNH88C

Saturday 18-08-07
Engine running at 09.00 was Transaero B-747 VP-BQC which later departed at 13.55.

M.K.AirlinesB-747 9G-MKS departed at 18.45.

Thursday 16-08-07
Reported was Be 200 G-MEGAN at 09.50 and Cheyenne G-CHEY later.

Wednesday 15-08-07
Noted were
Falcon 2000 G-KWIN on apron 3 with A-319 D-APAA,
with Be 76 N800VM training around 14.00.

Monday 13-08-07
Reported arriving were
at 09.50 Transaero Boeing 747 VP-BQC
and at 13.20 was Galaxy 2000 HB-IUT as TAG 392.

Sunday 12-08-07
Emirates A-330 A6-EKT departed at 11.50 as UAE7008.

Saturday 11-08-07
M.K.Airlines Boeing 747 9G-MKS being towed back to the hanger
after engine running on the runway.
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Emirates A-330 A6-EKU arriving for attention by
Air Livery
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Also noted were

Net jets Cit 550 CS-DHQ arriving at 14.58.

Departing at 15.00 was Robin G-BCCY.

Inside west bay was DC-8 9G-TOPS

Outside west bay A-330 A6-EKT.

Training were PA-28s G-BMKR, BMTR and BSXB.

Friday 10-08-07

Noted were

PA-32 N5328E
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Ces 172 G-WACW
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Training Cit 550 G-ESTA, Cit 525 G-PWNS, PA-28 G-BTAW, G-BSXB and G-BBXW and PA-34 G-BOUM

Arriving at 15.14 was TB-20 G-SAPM and at 15.29 Be 200 G-CDFY
Outside the Avon hanger PA-28 G-DENE

Thusday 09-08-07
Reported were Bonanza G-NEWT, Ces 172 G-BAZT and R-44 G-MRJS.

Wednesday 08-08-07
Noted were B-747 G-MKAA and Cit G-ESTA.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tuesday 07-08-07
Reported were Be 200 G-RAFP, Jabiru G-JABS.
Glasair G-KSIR, Ces 172 G-BPWS and Twinstars G-FCAB and VVTV.

Monday 06-08-07
On passing at 14.30 J-31 G-JURA and Cit 550 G-VUEZ were noted

Thursday 02-08-07
Arriving at 13.39 was AS-350 G-OGOA
with Eastern J-41 G-MAJV deparing at 13.42 as EZE 104.
Apron 1 had PA-28 G-SACI (below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards
Lear Jet 45 N300AQ (below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards

BAe 125 N824QS.

Pat Hardyman-RichardsAlso noted were AS-350 G-LECA and Mega Bus F-WWEA.

Wednesday 01-08-07
Departing at 08.49 was Twin Star D-GUCC
with Ugly Bus Beluga F-GSTB arriving as Beluga 2t at 09.00 for the next set of A-400.
Apron 2 had Slingsby T-67 G-BNSR.
Reported was A-319 D-APAA.

Tuesday 31-07-07
Training were PA-34 G-BCVY, ELIS and BEAG and PA-28s G-EKIR, BOPC and BOHM.
J-41 G-MAJN was again on EZE 103/104.
Lear Jet 35 C-FZQP departed at 09.43.
Musical A-330s were playing behind the hanger with A6-EKR being towed out (departed at 17.05 as UAE7008) and A6-EKT pushed in to hanger.
Other movements were Ces 172s G-ASSS and GBTL, PA-28 G-BASN
and PA-34 G-ELIS departing.
A-380 Mega Bus F-WWEA arrived as Airbus 901 for fueling trials at 12.54
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Monday 30-07-07
Training were PA-34 G-BEAG, EC-135 G-KRNW and PA-28's G-BBXW, BOPC and BASJ.
Eastern J-41 G-MAJN was on EZE 103 / 104.
Arriving for Air Livery was Emirates A-330 A6-EKT as UEA7007 at 13.45. (Below)

On apron 1 was Highland Airways J-31 G-UIST (below)

Apron 3 had Lear Jet 35 C-FZQP and M.K. Airlines B-747 9G-MKS was in the centre bay.

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