Saturday, 17 December 2005

Noted between 12.40 and 13.45 were PA-28's G-BOUP, G-SLYN, G-BPKR, G-BTUW, G-BSOK and G-BBXW. Helios B-737 5B-DBH departed at 13.14 as HCY 4T to LGW.

Friday, 16 December 2005

Noted training at 10.44 was TB-20 G-GOOD, departing at 11.47 was Cit 500 VP-BGE with VC-10 ZD230(H) go round at 11.54. PA-30 N8523Y departed at 12.12 with Mahan Air TU-204 SU-EAI departed for Tehran (OIII) as CCE108. M.K. Airlines B-747 9G-MKQ departed to lux as MKA 747 at 14.45 and Lear Jet 60 G-N69LR arriving at 17.47 and departing at 18.00.

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Noted departing at 14.27 was PA-32 N515SC with PA-34 G-BOIZ training.
Behind the Brab hanger were M.K.Airlines B-747 9G-MKQ, Globspan B-737 G-CDKT, and Mahan Air TU-204 SU-EAI. In the centre bay were DC-8's 9G-MKT and 9G-MKH (all white). On apron 1 were Corvette F-GLEC and Cit D-ILAM, apron 3 had Metro G-BUKA.

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Noted at 09.30 were:-
PA-34 G-BHYE training CSE97, M.K.Airlines B-747 9G-MKQ arrive 09.25 MKA747, Atlantic Metro G-BUKA AAG 071 / 072 and Corvettes F-GILM and F-GLEC on apron 1. BAe 146 G-BVLJ did a low approach and go round at 13.09 then returned to Kemble.

Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Noted at 08.00 was Globspan B-737 G-CDKT, Later Cit 660 PH-MFX payed a short visit. Reported were Cit 550, PA-28 G-BXIF, Ces 150 D-EJLY, Be 200 G-RAFJand Cirrus N147VC.

Reported were Cirrus N121HT and Vickers Be 200 G-VSBC.

Monday, 12 December 2005

Reported landing for engine change at MK Eng was TU-204 SU-EAI.
Noted between 13.00 and 13.15 were behind Brab hanger MK B-747 9G-MKL later dep at 20.34 as MKA 821 for lux and Helios B-737 5B-DBH. On the field on apron 4 stored, were DC-8 9G-MKG, B-747 G-CCMA, B-767 VP-CME and BAe 146 G-JEAO. Eastern J-41 G-MAJO arrived 13.15 as EZE 103. On s / e H was R-44 G-OMCD and overhead was EC-135 G-LENI.

Thursday, 8 December 2005

Reported at various times visiting were:-
Bell 430 EI-WAV, Cit 660 PH-MXF (depart 19.04), Cit 550 G-FIRM, PA-34 G-CAHA, Corvette F-GLEC, Metro G-BUKA, J-41 G-MAJO, Twin Star G-HAFT and B-747 9G-MKS (depart 18.07)

Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Noted at 11.4 on south east H was S-76 G-XXEA. Later at 14.15 Ces 303 G-CYLS was on apron 1, on apron 4 were G-5 N671LE passengers inspecting B-767 VP-CME, B-747 G-CCMA and BAe 146 G-JEAO. Training were PA-28's G-BOUP, G-BMTR, G-BBXW and G-BASJ.
At 18.53 Globspan B-737 landed as GSM 73KT, believed to be G-CDKT. At 19.46 M.K. Airlines B-747 landed at MKA 789. Also reported was Vickers Be 200 G-VSBC.

Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Reported were Globspan B-737 G-CDRB departed as GSM 36RB. Also visiting were PA-28 G-JACS, Corvette F-GLEC and EC-155 N672HE. Also reported were Ces 421 G-BHKJ and Be 200 G-BYCP.

Monday, 5 December 2005

Noted around 12.15 behind the Brab hanger were:-
DC-8 9G-MKG. In Air Livery was Globspan B-737 G-CDRB and arriving for Air Livery was Aer Lingus A-330 EI-DUB as EIN 994. Earlier MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKL arrived as MKA 808 from Lagos at 07.20. Also reported R-22 G-CBXN.

Air Berlin B-737 D-ABAU departed FRON Air Livery as BER 791P with B-737 G-CDRB arriving for Air Livery.

Be-76G-BIMZ dep 08.30. Later Cit 550 G-FCDB arr 12.48 and dep 13.25 as Go Jet 013B also noted at this time were Atlantic ATR-42 G-DRFC (AAG 71/ 74), Eastern J-41 G-MAJO (EZE 103) and reported at 18.27 was F-2000 D-BDNL (DCS 994) from Rotterdam, night stopped.

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