Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Starting up to depart to Istambul is
B-773 VT-JED as Turkish 2008
at 15.15.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Departing as NJE327D was Citation XL CS-DXZ
at 13.36.
Apron 1 had PA-28 N235PT.
Also noted were J-41 G-MAJM (EZE103),
EC-135 G-BZRS (EXM 61),
H-369E G-SSCL,
and PA-28 G-BTRY.
Friday 19-12-08
Training was Citation M-WOOD as JST1T.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Visiting between 08.24 and 09.30 was this BD100 N414DH,

Later at 09.50 French Navy Falcon 10 133 arrived

Also noted were

Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM and Be 200 G-WATJ,

Apron 2 had Robin G-BLWY, PA-28 G-ATTI, SR-20 G-GEMM

and TB-20 N709AM.

Training were
PA-34 G-BEAG and BOIZ.
Hawk XX253 departed as Red 8 at 13.00.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Reported was Hawk XX252 arrived as Red 8 at 11.30.
Noted were this Jet Airways B-773 VT-JED for Air Livery.

Apron 1 had CorvetteF-GILM and J-31 G-JURA.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Noted were

Training Be 200 G-ORJA, PA-34s G-CAHA,


B-747 G-MKCA dep MKA747,

VC-10 ZA150 (J) dep,

and CRJ2 HA-LNB dep as MAH5619.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Apron 1 had Corvette F-GILM, Be 200 F-GFVN
and Be 200 G-OCEG as CEG401.
Apron 2 had R-114 G-HMBJ, Robin G-BLWY, PA-28 G-ATTI
Ce 172 G-GBFF and SR 20 G-GEMM.
Training were
A-109 TGRA. DA-42 G-CTCF.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Noted were
B-742 G-MKCA arriving as BGB747
Lear Jet N300AQ as HJL2AQ
and CRJ 2 HA-LNB as MAH5618 for Air Livery.
Saturday 06-12-08
Reported were
B-757 TF-FIY in Air Nuigini colours
and C-310 PH-LAW.
Friday 05-12-08
Apron 1 had PA-28s G-BPKR and BOUP,
Apron 2 had SR 20 G-GEMM, PA-28 G-ATTI and BXYT, Robin G-BLWY,
Apron 3 Be 350 N37172,
Apron 4 BAe 146 G-JEAO and Be 200 N500CS,
MK Cargo movements G-159 N748AA
and B-742 F-GCBD.
Thursday 04-12-08
Training was Cit 525 G-EDCL as EDC525T,
with PA-34 G-CAHA and DA-42 OE-FYA.
Pipeline 3 was SH333 G-TAMD.
Wednasday 03-12-08
Reported was Merlin ZJ998 (AE).
Monday 01-12-08
Reported were
VC10 ZA150 (J) as RRR861,
Be 90 M-TSRI as Ambassador 902,
J-42 G-ISAY,
BAe 146 D-ABWA.
Do 228 G-MAFI

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