Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Thursday 30-07-08
Cirrus SR 20 G-CMLS was on apron 1,
Apron 2 had
PA-32 G-BHGO, R-44 G-OJCH,and EC-136 G-WCAO.
Apron 3 had BAe 146 D-AWUE and J-41 G-MAJL.
Training was PA-34 G-BOUL as CSE61.
South east H had EC-135 G-SPHU.
Tuesday 29-07-08
Reported was Cit G-FIRM

Monday 28-07-08
This Cit 560 PH-MFX departed at 14.00 as Solid Air 978
Also noted were
J-41 G-MAJL and PA-28 G-BUYY.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Saturday, 26th July:
Apron 1 - D-CVJN Learjet 40, G-BOUP Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II; Helipad - G-BZRS Eurocopter EC135 T2.
Outside hangars - G-MKFA, F-GCBD and N748CK. Inside Centre Bay - G-MKGA + one.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Friday 25-07-08
Departing at 15.45 was Cit 525 N525CK with A-109 N800WK
also visiting
Thursday 24-07-08
CSA A-310 OK-YAC at 12.12.
Wednesday 23-07-08
Noted were
Be 200 G-CDZT, DA-42 CTCH and TB-10 G-BPAS.
Thursday 22-07-08
Noted were
Be 200 G-RAFX on apron 1
Also were
PA-32 G-BHGO, Ces 150 G-BRTJ,
Lancair N400HF and SR 22 G-GEMM.
EC-135s G-WCAO and SPHU.
Ces 172 G-GBTL, J-41 G-MAJL,
B-747s G-MKGA, G-MKFA, N748CK and F-GCBD.
Reported were HS125 XS727 and ZE396.

Sunday 20-07-08
Departing Air Livery was
EMB 190 HB-JQG of Baboo Airlines as Baboo 901 at 16.32.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

CS-DRR Raytheon Hawker 800XPi, Netjets

N747YK Cessna 310R

Friday, 18 July 2008

Lockhead C 130 46-53 of the Italian Air Force
lining up to depart at 11.30 as India 2183.
PA-32 G-BHGO on apron 1
Reported were
Baboo ERJ190 HB-JQG for Air Livery
BAe 125 CS-DRR as NJE7AE.
Ces 310 N747YK and Be 200 G-CDFY.

Thursday 17-07-08
Reported was
B-747 G-MKGA arrived at17.17 as MKA747

Wednesday 16-07-08
This Cit 56XL D-CEEE was photographed at 20.20
on apron 1 Having arrived as DCS336 at 16.49.
Reported were
F-2000 CS-DFE as NJE859Q.
Cit 525 G-LEAB at 14.20 as LNX4AB.
PA-32 G-BHGO and KNCG.
Cit 550 N846MA and G-FCDB.
Merlin ZJ992.

Tuesday 15-07-08
Reported were
BAC-111 ZE432 training as Gauntlet 59 between 12.26 and 13.05.
BAe 146 D-AWUE as WDL318 between 07.02 and 07.43.
Be 200 G-CDFY as Vickers 07 Between 07.40 and 08.00.
J-41 G-MAJL as EZE 101/102 between 08.24 and 08.58,
ans EZE103/104 between 13.10 and13.39.
J-41 G-ISAY as Highway 19R/19S between 09.02 and 10.09.
Cit 550 N550LD at 12.27.

Monday, 14 July 2008

CSA A-310 OK-YAC arriving at 07.13 as CSA9299
for Air Livery.
Also noted were
PA-36 N2401Z and Ces 172 G-GBTL outside Avon Hanger,
Be 200 G-CDFY arriving as Vickers 5 at 0748
and Ces 172 G-GBTL arriving at 07.54.
Boeing 767 5R-MFF departed as Madagascar 9051.
Reported were
J-41 G-MAJL as EZE101/102 between 08.27 and 08.56.
J-31 G-CCPW as HWY 19R/193 between 08.49 and 09.28.
PA 34s G-BEJV and BHFH training as CSE26 / CSE34.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Ex Air Madagascar B-767 5R-MFF

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Arriving at 09.43 was this Cessna 431 G-KWLI.
J-41 G-ISAY departed as HWY 19S at 09.30.
Star visitor was this Falcon 10 F-GPGL.
Also noted was Corvette F-GLEC on apron 1.
Wednesday 09-07-08
Falcon 2000 CS-DFE departed to Moscow as NJE739D.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Noted were
Ex Air France B-747 F-GCBD arrived for M.K. Airlines
Visiting from Bristol Airport was this Cit 525 G-CITJ.
Jetstream J-31 G-EIGG was parked on apron 1.
Also noted were
Corvette F-GLEC on apron 1,
Apron 2 had Be 200 G-WATJ,
PA-34s G-BOIZ and BOUM were training, as was AA-5 G-BIBT,
A-109 ZR323 visited for 7 minutes.
EZE103/104 had J-41 G-MAJL.

Monday, 7 July 2008

BAe 125 CS-DRF arrived at 14.21 as NJE36Q
Apron 1 had Corvette F-GLEC.

Sunday 06-07-08
Global Express N51SE departed at 13.22 to America

Friday, 4 July 2008

Departing was BAe 146 D-AMAJ as WDL 319
Citation 525 G-EDCK was training as EDC525T
Helimed EC-135 G-SPHU
Global N51SE arriving from America.

Thursday 03-07-08
First flight in this registration is
BAe 125 M-ALUM departing to do some training and
then to Bournmouth.
This scruffy B-767 5R-MFF ex Air Madagascar arrived for Air Livery.
Also noted / reprted were
PA-23 N2923N, Be 200s G-CDZT and ORJA, EC-135 G-SPHU,
R-22 G-OMKA, J-41 G-MAJL BAe 146 D-AMAJ
J-41 ISAY and J-31 G-UIST

Wednesday 02-07-08
Noted were
Cit 550 PH-DYN as Solid Air 756 departing at 09.50
AS-355 G-NTWK, Corvette F-GJAP, DA-42 G-CTCE.
Cit 525 G-OEBJ was training as Sky Elite 9T.

A-109 N800WK was on apron 2, EC-135 G-SPHU on south east H,

PA-28 G-BSOK training 13.00 onward, EC-120 G-FCKD arrived to apron 2 at 13.15,

J-41 G-MAJL (EZE 103/104/105/106).

Reported were Be 200 G-CDFY and BAe 146 D-AMAJ (WDL319).

Tuesday 01-07-08
Reported were
J-41 G-MAJL (EZE104) dep 13.49, LJ-40 G-STUF (ACG11C) visiting 14.30 - 15.44_,
Be 200 G-CDZT visiting 15.00 - 15.10,
Corvette F-GJAP dep 1647 (RBU62L). J-31 G-UIST dep 17.21 (HWY72?).
BAe 146 D-AMAJ arr 17.30 (WDL319),
J-41 G-MAJL visit 17.34 - 18.32 (EZE 105 / 106),
J-41 G-ISAY visit 17.57 - 18.25 (HWY19?)

Monday 30-06-08
Departing around 12.00ish was Air Macau A-300
B-MBJ. as MCU888

Sunday 29-06-08
Departing at 11.29 was LJ-40 G-STUF.

Friday 27-06-08
Ilse of Man registered Be 200 M-EGGA on apron 1
Cl 200 G-MKSA preparing to depart
Also noted were SR 22 N442TT and G-GEMM. LJ-10 G-STUF,
and PA-28 on apron 2.
Citations N846MA and N550LD outside 501 hanger.
Cessna 210 N210EU, Be 200 G-WATJ and B-747s N748CK and G-MKFA.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Thursday 26-06-08
Be 200 G-FPLE (Calibrator 326), PA-28 G-BMPR,
EC-135 G-SPHU, LJ-40 G-STUF, PA-23 G-BBDO,
Lancair N4900HF, PA-28s G-LTFC and G-BSEF.
Corvette F-GJAP, Bell 206 G-PERZ,
Cit 550 N846MA, J-41 G-MAJL.
Reported were
SR 22 N442TT, J-31 G-CCPW (HWY19), Cl 200 G-MKSA,
Harvard G-BGPB and BAe 146 D-AMAJ.

Wednesday 25-06-08
Noted were
Challenger G-MKSA, Corvette F-GJAP, EC-135 G-SPHU,
A-109 G-VONC / VONB.
BAe 146 G-AMAJ (WDL319), LJ-40 G-STUF (ACG19D)
and J-41 G-MAJL (EZE105/106) and Be G-CDZT.

Monday 23-06-08
Noted were
B-747s G-MKFA, MKCA and N748CK.
SR 22 G-GEMM and PA-28 G-ATTI.
Reported were BAe146 D-AMAJ, Corvette F-GILM,
Be 200 G-CDFY and J-41 G-MAJL.

Friday 20-06-08
An-12 UR-CBF visited as VIS2374 as did G-5 G-TAYC and Dauphin G-OLNT.

Thursday 19-06-08

Arriving for Air Livery was A-300 B-MBJ
after freighter conversion.

Also noted / reported were

J-41 G-MAJL, J-31 G-BTXG, Be 200 G-CDZT, Cit 525 G-CITJ,

BAe 146 D-AMAJ.

Wednesday 18-06-08
Reported were
BAe 146 D-AMAJ, Be 200 G-CDZT, J-41 G-MAJL,
Cit D-ITAN, Gazelle XZ314, B-747 G-MKFA,
Dominie XS737 (K) and TucanoZF485.

Tueday 17-06-08
Reported were
Grob G-BYUW, Ces 172 G-GBTL, C-130 XV197,
Gazelle XX405 and J-31 G-CCPW.

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