Friday, 29 June 2007

Departing at 12.10 was PA-31 G-UNNI as Poiston 01,
Going round at 12.22 was C-172 G-OAKR,
Arriving at 12.29 was C-172 G-PFCL,
Arriving at 12.32 as MJE 8RL was BAe 125 CS-DNT,
Apron 1 had PA-32R PH-RMD (See below),
Out side Avon hanger was DA-20 G-BXTS and Colombia 400 N400HF,
Apron 2 had PA-28 G-ZANG.
In centre bay still was B-747 G-MKAA.
Reported earlier was Saab 200o G-CDEB as EZE 1504.

mdssxTuesday 26-06-07
Noted between 14.00 and 14.30
Apron 1 LJ-45 G-GMAA (GAMA964) and Corvette F-GKGA,
Apron 3 Tornado ZA609,
Centre Bay G-MKAA (MKA822),
Training PA-34 G-BOWE and Islander G-CZNE,
Arriving at 14.28 was TB-850 N257JM.

Monday, 25 June 2007

On apron 1were J-31 G-LOVB and Corvette F-GFDH,
J-41 G-MAJV arrived at 13.06 as EZE103,
Lining up for depature off runway 27 at 13.16 is Silisia Air Cit 560 OK-SLX as SUA651.
Pat Hardyman - Richards

Sunday 25-06-07
Landing at 11.16 was BAe 125 CS-DRX as NJE417K from Zurich and departed at 11.53 as NJE152P to Stansted.
S.E H had AS365 G-MLTY.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Arriving at 08.33 was Emirates B-777 A6-EMH as UAE7007, seen below about to touch down.
Also noted were A3-355 G-STON arriving at 08.22 as Veritair 01,
and AS-355 G-LNTY arriving at 08.27 as Trident 26.

Thursday 21-06-07
Training between 12.00 and 12.45 was SR22 N593CD.
Later between 13.00 and 14.00 the following were noted
On apron 1 Corvette F-GILM and PA 28 G-DIXY (lower left)
Apron 3 J-41 G-MAJV arr 13.12 dep 13.40,
Arriving at 13.39 was Cit 560 N846MA,
Preparing for departure behind the Brab hanger was Emirates B-777 A6-EML (below right).

Pat Hardyman-Richards

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Wednesday 20-06-07
Between 09.00 and 09.30 the following were noted
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM,
Apron 3 J-41 G-MAJV (EZE 101 / 102) and Gl 4 N500RP (See below).
departing at 09.27 was Cit 560 N846MA,
arriving at 09.30 was J-31 G-LOVB as HWY 71,
Training was PA-34 G-BHFH
and chasing the bad uns was EC-135 G-WCAO.
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Tuesday 18-06-07
Noted between 12.30 and 13.11
Training were PA-31 G-BWHF, PA-34 G-FILE and PA-28 G-BBXW.
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM and PA-31 G-BHKJ.
Departing at 12.34 was Robin G-BCCY.
LJ-45 G-SOBV arrived at 12.38 as AVB 291 (see below)
J-41 G-MAJV was on EZE 103 /104.

Tuesday 18-06-07
Noted between 13.20 and 13.53
Apron 1 Covette G-GFDH and J-31 G-LOVB,
J-41 G-MAJV departing at 13.29 as EZE 104,
training were PA-28 G-BSOK, PA-34s G-CAHA (FST 62) and G-BOSD (Clifton 19).

Sunday 17-06-07
Silesia Air Cit 560 OK-SLS (below) visited between 10.35 and 12.53.
Also noted were R-114 G-OMUM passing overhead and
B-747 9G-MKM departing at 16.50.
Pat Hardyman-Richards.

Saturday 16-06-07
Cit 560 G-XLMB arrived at 09.20 and departed at 09.38 as AVB 967.

Friday 15-06-07
Training between 11.00 and 11.30 was C-130 XV307.
Typhoon ZJ808 did a low noisy fly past of the MOD Abbey Wood complex as CBY16.

Tuesday 12-06-07
Reported were
B-747 9G-MKR, DC-8 9G-MKC, Corvette F-GILM, EC-135 G-WCAO.
J-31 G-NFLA, Yak 52 G-CBRL, J-41 G-MAJV and PA-34 G-BEJV.

Monday 11-06-07
Departing at 13.25 was Transaero B-747 V-BQH as TSO 9742,
at 13.37 TB-700 N700GY departed with SR-22 N147GT training.
Reported were Corvette F-GILM J-41 G-MAJV J-31 G-LOVB and J-31 G-NFLA.

Saturday 09-06-07
Reported arriving were B-747 9G-MKL as MKA789
and B-777 A6-EML.

Friday 08-06-07
Noted was A-109 ZR322 at 11.00.
Later at 17.28 B-747 9G-MKS departed as MKA123 (below right),
At 17.32 Privatair A-319 D-APAA departed as PTG 319,
J-31 ZE439 arrived at 17.25 and departed at 17.38 as RRR7616
and at 18.30 Emirates B-777 A6-EMK departed for Dubai as UAE 7008(below left)
Reported was PA-31 G-MRMR as LNX698M.

Pat Hardyman-Richards

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Noted between 16.00 and 17.00
Apron 1 Ces 208 N90646 (dep 16.40), Cit 550 G-FIRM (dep 16.56) and Corvette F-GILM.
Apron 3 Be 200 G-CDFY,
Air Livery Bay B-777 A6-EMK (nearly ready to depart)
Out side Brab hanger B-747's 9G-MKR / MKS / VP-BQH.
Cit 550 G-FIRM (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Ces 208 N90646 ready to depart
Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Wednesday 06-06-07
Noted between 10.00 and 10.45 were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM.
A-400 loading bay F-GSTA (departed 10.20ish) as Beluga 5TF.
Training Twinstar G-IANV and Grob G-BYWC.
B-747's 9G-MKR / MKS / VP-BQH.

Beluga F-GSTA departing (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Departing at 17.16 was Ces EI-BUF.
Arriving at 18.18 all white Beluga F-GSTF as Beluga 5TF,
followed by M.K. Airlines B-747 9G-MKR at 18.26 as MKA789.

Sunday 03-05-07

Noted on apron was PA-24 G-PETH with B-747 VP-BQH behind hanger and MD-83 G-FLTM departing at 16.27 as Flightline 98P.
Top - MD-83 G-FLTM ready to depart
Bottom- PA-24 G-PETH on apron 1

Thursday 31-05-07

Noted around 10.30 were

Corvettes F-GLEC / F-GLIM on apron 1,

Behind the Brab hanger were Transaero B-747's VP-BQC / VP-BQH
and DC-9 9G-MKH.
Reported visiting later was LJ-45 N300AQ.
Engine change on VP-BQH (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Wednesday 30-05-07
Reported were Transaero B-747 VP-BQH arriving for attention by M.K. Engineering at 16.05, also training was C-130 ZH878.

Tuesday 29-05-07
Reported were
B-747's M.K. Airlines 9G-MKS (MKA747P) arrived at 10.29 and Transaero VP-BQH arrived as TSO9747 both for M.K. Engineering.
Also Twinstar G-CTCH.

Sunday 27-05-07
Emirates B-777 A6-EMK arrived at 09.26 as UAE 7001
BAe 125 G-GMAB on apron 1 depart as 09.53 as GAMA 771 (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Sunday 27-05-07

Saturday 26-05-07
Noted were
Apron 1 LJ-45 N300AQ, (arrived as 2AQ and departed as 1AQ) and Be 23 G-BASN.
Apron 2 had AA-5B G-BIPA.
MD-83 G-FLTM was out side Brab hanger.
LJ-45 N300AQ (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

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