Thursday, 25 January 2007

Departing at 14.25 was Falcon 900 G-CBHT. Reported were A-109 G-ELTE, AS-355 G-WENA and Ces 310 G-IMLI.

Wednesday 24-01-07
Between 09.30 and 10.00 were:-
Apron 4 BAe 146 G-ZAPR and F-27 TC-MBH,
S / S H AS-365 G-MLTY
Apron 1 Corvette G-GKGA,
MK Cargo movments were B-747 9G-MKP departing at 19.22 as MKA 456
and B-747 9G-MKM arriving as MKA 123 at 18.50.

Tuesday 23-01-07
Between 11.15 and 12.00 the following were noted:-
Apron 1 Corvette F-GKGA,
Apron 3 Gulfy IV-X G-TAYC arrived 11.14,
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MBB and BAe 146 G-ZAPO,
Old Concorde hanger Ces G-GBTL,
S / E H A-109 G-ELTE,
O.T.T. AS-355 G-WENA,
Reported Robin G-BCCY.

Monday 22-01-06
Arriving around 06.30 was Excel B-767 G-BOPB as XLA 30P.

Friday 19-01-07
SATA Air Azores A-310 EC-TGU arrived for Air Livery with Aer Lingus A-330 departing at 16.35.

Wednesday 17-01-07
Noted at 11.00 were B-747 9G-MKU (dept 15.15), DC-8 9G-MKC, DC-8 9G-MKG and DC-8 9G-MKH all behind Brab hanger. Apron 2 had PA-32 G-NOIS with B-747 9G-MKP arriving as MKA 789 at 20.51.

Tuesday 16-01-07
Departing was Cit 550 G-OMRH at 10.36 and later B-747 9G-MKU was engine running.

Monday 15-01-07
Noted traing was EC-135 G-WHIN.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Aircomet A-340 EC-KAJ (Ex Virgin G-VAEL) departed as MPD 001P at 15.12 having had its reg applied less than an hour before departure.
Also noted were Eastern J-41 G-MAJU (EZE 103 / 104) and Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DRS was doing engine runs on the main runway.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

B-747 9G-MKR departed at 09.44 as MKA 747, with B-747 9G-MKU arriving latter as MKA 123. Titan BAe 146 G-ZAPR departing as AWC 146W at 12.31. Reported were PA-32 N2086P, BAe 125 CS-DRS and Corvette F-GLEC. Visiting between 16.40 and 16.54 was Cit 550 G-OMRH ex N58HK.

Tuesday 09-01-07
Early visitor was TB-700 F-GTJM with Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DFZ departing at 10.31 as NJE 632P.
Noted around 11.15 were F-27 TC-MBB and BAe146 G-ZAPO on apron 4, apron 2 still had Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DRS. Apron 1 had Corvette F-GKGA and Be 200 G-FSUE with MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKR engine running on the main runway.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Noted between 08.45 and 11.00 were:-
On apron 1 PA-31 G-BWHF then training from 09.55. Cit 550 CS-DHL depart 09.34 as NJE 1VU. Highland J-31 G-BXTG arrived as HWY 71 at 09.36.
Apron 3 had Eastern J-41s G-MAJP arrive at 08.48 depart 10.00 as EZE 81J / 82J,
Eastern J-41 G-MAJU depart at 09.00 as EZE 101 / 102,
OLT Saab 2000 D-AOLA depart at 09.20 as OLT 887 / 888 Bristol Diversion.
Training were PA-34 G-BEJV 09.15, PA-34 G-BOUL 10.48 as EXM 05 and PA-28 G-BASJ.
AS-355 G-TAKE arrived for fuel and departed at 10.38.
Heavy metal action were Out of Air Livery A-340 ex G-VAEL in Aircomet colours but without reg applied. Arriving for Air Livery was Aer Lingus A-330 EI-LAX at 10.20 as EIN 990.
At 12.10 S-61 G-VIPZ departed with Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DRS an apron 2 as NJE 9ML at 13.10.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Mail aircraft were BAe 146 G-ZAPK and F-27 TC-MBH. At 15.15 Cit 550 CS-DHL was on apron 1 arriving as NJE 23J and night stopping.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Noted between 11.10 and 11.45 were Merlin ????? training as Vortex 391. Also noted were Mail a/c F-27 TC-MBB and BAe 146 G-ZAPR which departed later as AWC 146W to Stansted at 12.56. PA-28's G-BMTR and G-EKIR were training, with Grobb G-BYWX going round at 11.44 as UAD 30. Apron 1 had Cit 525 D-ILAM, while on apron 3 BAe 146 G-ZAPO had arrived at 11.25 from Stansted as AWC146Y.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

PA-34 doing a low approach and go round at 12.30 was PA-34 G-BOSD with PA-34 G-BOUL doing a crew change on apron 2. Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DRQ was on apron 1 with mail aircraft F-27 TC-MBH and BAe 146 G-ZAPK on apron 4.

Monday 01-01-07 HAPPY NEW YEAR
Quick check produced DC-8 9G-MKC behind the Brab hanger being parted out. Apron 2 had police EC-135 G-WCAO and Ces G-BRTJ, PA-28 G-BSEF and Katana G-BXTJ by the Avon hanger. Mail aircraft were BAe 146 G-ZAPK and F-27 TC-MBH. Stored was BAe 146 G-JEAO.

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