Sunday, 26 October 2008

Arriving at 09.15 was TB-700 N700GY

At 09.21 C560XLS CS-DXE arrived as NJE7FZ.

Hawker 800XPi CS-DRX arriving as NJE5MB at 11.32.

Oriant Thai Cargo B-747 HS-ORA arrived at 12.46 as OEA9548

Friday, 24 October 2008

Apron 1 had this TB-20 F-GHZO.
While Be 200 G-WAGN was training
Reported were
LJ N300AQ on apron 1
and DH-8 OY-KCD arrived at 19.43 as SAS9101 for
Air Livery.
Thursday 23-11-08
Noted were
Ruchmeyer R-90 PH-GWW, EC-135 G-SPHU,
Ce 210 N210EU, Be 200 N500CS, PA-28 G-ATTI,
SR-20 G-GEMM, Corvette F-GILM and J-41 G-MAJP and G-ISAY.
J-31 G-JURA, BAe 146 D-AWUE (arr WDL319 at 17.36),
B-737 OM-NGH (arr Relax 100F at 17.42).
Wednesday 22-11-08
Reported were
DC-8 9G-MKG departing around 14.00,
C 525 D-CLAT, PA-32 G-MOLL, AS355 G-LENI,
and J-41 G-MAJP.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Apron 1 had J-31 G-JURA, Corvette F-GILM and Cit 550 G-JETO
which departed at 12.35 as Air Tax 853 to Madrid.
Apron 2 had PA-32 G-MOLL, PA-28 G-ATTI,
SR 20 G-GEMM and N500CS.
G 159 N748AA arrived and then parked on apron 3
90 minutes later it was towed to the
centre bay along side B-747s G-MKAA and HS-ORB.
Outside the hanger were B-747s G-MKDA, MKFA
and G-MKGA which departed at 14.08 as MKA456.
Also noted were
and EC-135 G-PLAL all were training.
J-41 G-MAJP arrived at 13.01 as EZE103.
Passing OTT at 11.56 was Do 228 G-MAFF.
Reprted were PA-28 G-EKIR, Robin G-BLWR,
BAe 146 ZE701 and AS 355 G-LENI.
Monday 20-11-08
Reported were
BAe 146 ZE701 training as Northolt 12 at 15.00,
B-747 G-MKGA departed as MKA123 at 15.55
and A-109 G-TGRA .

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Noted were
SR-20 G-GEMM, Robin G-BZIJ,
PA-28 G-ATTI, AS355G-SKYW, Be 200 N500CS,
CL60 VP-CED and Robin G-BLWY.
Friday 17-10-08
Noted was this Beech 90 M-TSRI on apron 1.
Arriving at 11.37 was PA-28 G-BSLK.
Training was A-109 G-STNS,
With late arrival of CL60 VP-CFD at 19.50
and TB-850 N223JG departing at 20.00.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Between 08.30 and 09.05
the following were noted,
J-41 G-MAJX as EZE101 arr 08.30,
EC-135 G-BZRS training,
Corvette F-GILM arr 08.45.
J-41 G-ISAY as HWY 41R arr 08.55,
J-31 G-JURA as HWY71F arr 09.04.
Later B-747 HS-ORB of Orient Thai Cargo arrived as 10.00
as OEA742 for M.K.Cargo.
Ex Malev B-767 HA-LHC departed Air Livery at 15.48
as MAH5617 in S7 Airline of Russia.

Legacy G-SIRA was on apron 5 (Beluga bay)

and departed at 16.12 as Twin Jet 3.

Wednesday 15-10-08
Reported were
B-747 G-MKBA departing as MKA456 at 15.39 and
BAe146 G-ZAPO arrived at 18.35 as WDL319.

Tuesday 14-10-08
Noted was J-31 G-UIST arriving at 10.42 as HWY62P.
Reported were
B-747 G-MKBA arriving at 17.25 as MKA789,
Ce 404 G-FIFA as TRJ814, A-109s G-TGRA and N800WK and PA-28 G-FROS.

Saturday 11-10-08
Noted at 09.47 were
Squirrel F-GJAX and PA-16 G-BSVI.
Reported was TBM850 N223JG.

Friday 10-10-08
Noted was DA 42 G-CDTG on apron 1.

Reported were PA-32 N2923T, TB-850 N223JG

and Boeing 737 EI-DNX departed at 18.43 in all white.

Thursday 09-10-08
Apron 2 had EC-135 G-PLAL,PA-28 G-BNNO and Be 24R N39TA.
Training were C-130 XV290 as RRR650 and PA-34 G-BOCG.
Arriving at 11.25 was PA-28 G-EKIR,
Malev B-767 HA-LHC arriving at 11.37 as MAH5616.
Reported were Cit G-GEBJ, PA-28 HB-PFS and BAe 125 D-AWBA.

Wednesday 08-10-08
Reported were
Be 200 G-WATJ, Cit G-CEBJ, TB-10 G-SCIP, PA-28 G-BTSJ
PA-34 G-GOAC and Squirrel ZJ262.

Tuesday 07-10-08

Early arrival for Air Livery was this Air One Boeing 737

EI-DNX as ADH8965,

While Emirates Boeing 777 A6-EMQ departed as UAE 7002

at 16.23.

Apron 1 had this Domine XS731 (J) which

departed as Cranwell 94 at 13.09.

Also noted were Be 200 G-CDFY, Corvette F-GILM
and Jetstream 41 G-MAJP as EZE103 at 13.11.
Reported was
N525DT, Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2.

Sunday 05-10-08
Visting was this Be 40 CS-DMR as NJE678K

Friday 03-10-08
Reported were
G-4 G-TAYC. TB-750 N257JM, BE-200 N500CS,
C-172 G-GBTL and B-747s G-MKDA and MKFA.

Thursday 02-10-08
Reported were
S-92 A7-MBN training as was A-109 G-TGRA,
Departing were J-41 G-MAJP and TB-20 G-SAPM,
Apron 2 had C-172 G-GBTL, Be 200 N500CS, PA-28 G-ATTI and PA-28 G-JONM.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Islander ZG997 as AAC 581 was on apron 1 with Corvette F-GILM.
Also reported were
PA-28 G-BBXW and ATTI, Be 200 N500CS, Ce 150 G-ARFI
EC-135 G-SPHU and Gazelle XZ331 as AAC712.

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