Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Noted at 09.15 were PA-32 G-BBSM and Corvette F-GLEC on apron 1. Apron 2 had Cit 560s CS-DFV NJE 998Y and N58HK (dep 09.20). Apron 3 for Be 200 G-IMGL. Ces 175 G-ARMN arrived 09.17. Later visiting were Cits CS-DFQ and N778MA and Slingsby Firefly G-BUUI.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Noted today were Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DRI arrived at 11.25 as NJE 267F from Kiddlington and NJE 267A to Birmingham, PA-34 G-CAHA training as well as A-109 ZE412 as 1AM16. Reported was Longranger G-MAAX, Lance G-BIWL, BAe 125 G-VIPI and J-41 G-MAJV.

Monday 29-05-06
Arriveing at 14.00 from Zaragoza was MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKL as MKA8866.

Saturday 27-05-06
Reported engine running was B-747 TF-ATJ in Saudia colours on the runway with Cit 650DR.

Friday 26-05-06
Noted at 17.35 was Cit 560 N650DR on apron 1 with Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DRG which arrived as NJE 5VQ and departed to Nice as NJE 142R. Also noted was Privat Air A-319 D-APAB. Reported were PA-32 G-MOLL, Be 200 G-CDFY, PA-28 D-EDDU, Challenger 604 G-PRKR and Ces 421 N2401Z.

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Noted between 13.26 and 14.02 were PA-34 G-GFCD and G-BEJV, Be 76 G-BIMZ and AS-355 G-LENI all training. Sill on apron 1 was Be 200 G-IMGL, with PA-28 D-EDDU on apron 2 with an unidentified Ces?.Eastern J-41 G-MAJO was on apron 3. Surprise late arrival was Airbus A-330 EC-JTB in LTU colours, no titles German flag at the top of the fin and EC-JTB and Spanish flag taped over old reg D-AERF.

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Noted at 17.30 were return visitor Lithuanian AN-26 blue 05 on apron 3 with Eastern J-41 G-MAJO. Piper PA-28 D-EDDU was on apron 2, with Be 200 G-IMGL on apron 1.

Monday 22 May 2006
At 11.30 Citation 525 N778MA was noted on apron 1.,

Saturday 20 May 2006
Gulfstream 550 VP-BLR on apron 3.

Friday 19 May 2006
Arriving from Manston for Air Livery was all white Atlanta B-747 TF-ATJ as ABD 20P with B-747 TF-ATI departing Air Livery as ABD 19P to Manston in Saudia colours. Also departing was F-900 G-JPSX. Reported were Cessna 172 EI-NFW and F-2000 CS-DFF (NJE 2PN).

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Noted between 11.13 and 12.30 were Corvette F-GLEC on apron 1, EC-135 G-BZRS (Red head66) Cit 560 N846MA and Do 328 G-BWIR on AAG-071. Also doing low fly pasts was an ugly Airbus A-380 F-WWDD which was joined from apron 3 was Corvette F-GLPA acting as photo ship. Later ETPS coloured BAC 111 ZE432 was training between 14.15 and 14.45.

Tuesday 16-05-06
Repoerted were PA-31 N189SA Corvette F-GLEC, Cit 560 N846MA and AA-5 N2121T. Also reported training were PA-34 G-ROUS and PA-31 G-BWHF.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Reported on apron 2 was R-44 G-SSJP.

Sunday 14-05-06
Reported engine running was Transaero B-747 VP-BQA departed later. Else where were DC-8's 9G-MKT and 9G-MKH. EMB BJ G-XIAN arrived at 17.35.

Saturday 13-05-06
Reported were MO 20J N321KL diversion from Cardiff due to poor vis. Also visiting were PA-23 G-BATN and Be 300 N800MG.

Friday, 12 May 2006

Busy day at Filton with the following noted at various times:-
On apron 1 were Net Jets BAe 125 CS-DNT (NJE 805M / 805B), Be 58 G-FLTZ, Ces 177 G-AYPH, Vickers Be 200 G-VSBC and PA-28 G-WARZ.
Apron 2 for PA-32 G-BBSM and Robin G-BCCY.
Apron 3 had ERJ 135 YIAN arr, dep as Twin Jet 2.
Southern H had Lynxs XZ248 (305)
For maintainance was Transaero B-747 as TSO9747 which landed with the port inner engine inop.
For Air livery all white B-747 TF-ATI arrived as IBE 5570.
Training were PA-34 G-BHYF, PA-23 N2401Z and BAC-111 ZE432 low and noisy.

Tuesday 09-05-06
Noted at 13.20 were Corvette F-GFDH and Ces 421 G-BHKJ on apron 1. Apron 3had Corvette F-GPLA and J-41 G-MAJO. Reported were Ces 421 N202AA and DA-42 G-DMND.

Monday 08-05-06
Reported was Cit 525 EC-JJU.

Saturday 06-05-06
Reported were Cit 550 G-IDAB and SA 365 G-DAUF.

Friday 05-05-06
Reported were S-76 G-BOYF, Partenavia G-BFBU, Ces 172 G-WACY, PA-23 G-NRSC.

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