Thursday, 26 April 2007

Thursday 26-04-07
Between 08.32 -09.13
Apron 1 Be 200 G-CDFY, Corvettes F-GLEC / F-GKGA,
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MBH and BAe146 G-ZAPO,
Outside Avon hanger PA-28s G-MERL, G-LFTC and G-BSEF,
Go rounds by PA-34 G-BOWE and EC-135 G-BZRS.

Monday 23-04-07
Apron 1 had Citation 525 D-CLAT and Corvette F-GLEC,
Apron 3 had J-31 G-LOVB,
Apron 4 had F-27 TC-MBB.

Cit 525 D-CLAT (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Sunday 22-04-07
Noted on apron 1 after night stopping
Islander N2536Y (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Saturday 21-04-07
Arriving at 09.25 was BAe 125 CS-DRU as NJE5BQ,
Also on apron 1 was Be 55 G-WOOD,
Apron 2 had TB-10 G-IGGL.
BAe 125 CS-DRU (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Be 55 G-WOOD (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Friday 20-04-07
Noted at 13.20
Apron 1 PA-28 G-ATOT, PA-28 G-BORL,
Apron 2 PA-46 G-CEJB, BeV 35 G-ASJL,
Avon hanger PA-28 G-MERL,
Departing 13.23 Cit G-VUEA as Flyvue 372,
S / E H AS-350 G-MAAV,
Behind Brab hanger United Arabian Airlines DC-8 ST-UAA
Departing at 18.15 to Manston as MKA123 was B-747 9G-MKR.
ST-UAA (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

PA-28 G-BORL (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

PA-28 G-ATOT (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Thursday 19-04-07
Noted at 11.30
DR 400 G-BAFX, PA-28 G-AYRI,Corvette F-GLEC and PA-28 G-MERL.
Wednesday 18-04-07
Noted at 11.00 were
PA-28 G-MERL outside Avon hanger,
Engine running B-747 9G-MKP departed 19.59,
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MBH,
LJ 45 N66DN
Tuesday 17-04-07
Reported were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GLEC,
Apron 2 Ces 172 G-GZDO and Be 36 G-NEWT,
Apron 3 J-41 G-MAJO
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MBB and BAe 146 G-ZAPR.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Monday 16-04-07
Noted going round was BAe 146 G-JEAV,
Reported were Corvette F-GLEC, Ces 152 G-BGNT, J-31 G-BXTG
PA-28 G-CSBD, R-44 G-KPAO, Be 200 MEGN, Be 35 G-NEWT and Ces TP210 N6593W.
Thursday 12-04-07
Noted was DC-3 G-AMPY / KK116 and Cit 550 G-ESTA.
Reported were Yak HA-YAV and B-747 VP-BQE.
Wednesday 11-04-07
Noted on apron 1
Ces 152 G-BSTO, Cit 550 G-ESTA, Be 200 OO-IAL and Corvette F-GFDH.
Apron 2 PA-28 D-EOWC.
Apron 3 J-41 G-MAJO.
A-400 WING LOADING BAY Beluga F-GSTC loading first set of A-400M wings.
Training PA-34 G-CAHA, G-BOSD, PA-28 G-BBXW and Be 76 G-JLRW.
Behind Brab hanger B-747 9G-MKU / MKS.

Beluga F-GSTC on wing loading bay
by Pat Hardyman-Richards
Cit 550 G-ESTA by Pat Hardyman-Richards
Be 200 OO-IAL by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Tuesday 10-04-07

Noted were

Apron 1 Corvette F-GFDH, BAe 125 CS-DRG (NJE368T / 5VQ) arrive 11.40 and Cit 550 G-JETA training as Jesta 1T.

Apron 2 PA-28 G-BZEH.

Arriving at 12.24 was B-747 9G-MKP as MKA833.

Training were PA-34 G-BOIZ, and Tristar ZD951.

Reported were

AS-350 G-NUTY, PA-28 G-DOME, PA-34 G-BEJV, Be 33 G-HOPE, PA-28RT D-EOWC, BH 412 ZJ707 and PA-28 G-FPSA.


by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Monday, 9 April 2007

Saturday 07-04-07
Airbus A-320 PK-YVD (ex My Travel G-JOEM) was rolled out of Air Liverydeparted later as MYT 006,
United Arad Emirates B-747 A6-MMM arrived for Air Livery at 09.24 as Dubia 002,
Inside the centre bay was B-747 9G-MKU.
Departing at 10.22 was Ces 172 G-ASSS.
A-320 by Pat Hardyman-Richards

B-747 A6-MMM by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Thursday 05-04-07

Beluga F-GSTA departed to the north at 10.07 at Beluga 1TA

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Beluga F-GSTA arrived at 11.15 ish as Beluge 1TA,
F-27 TC-MBH on apron 4,
Corvette F-GFDH on apron 1.
Uglybus Beluga F-GSTA by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Monday 02-04-07
Apron 1 had Cit 550 G-FIRM, Cit D-CNOB and Corvette F-GFDH,
Apron 2 PA- G-JCTA,
Apron 3 G-BTXG,
Apron 4 BAe 146 G-ZAPO and F-27 TC-MBH,
DA-42 G-CTCF was training at 09.48.
Reported were MD-600 G-NELY, Glasair G-TRUK, Mooney G-OONY, PA-34 G-BEJV and J-41 G-MAJU.
Sunday 01-04-07
Departing was Be 36TP N836TP at 14.35.
B-757 EC-HIT departed Air Livery in Icelandair colours at 16.16
B-757 EC-HIT by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Friday 30-03-07

B-737 N50881 departed as SMY901 at 11.06.

Go rounds by Be 76 G-BODX at 12.07 and PA-34 G-BOUL at 12.23,

A-380 "Slug" final departure at 12.27 as AIB403 with a big wing wiggle.

Ces 172 G-GFEA departed at 12.35.

Out of MK engineering was B-747 G-MKAA and went 9G-MKU.

Also noted were DC-8's 9G-TOP / 9G-MKG in centre bay,

Outside were DC-8's 9G-MKC/9G-MKH.

My Travel A-320 G-JOEM arrived for Air Livery.

Also noted were PA-34 G-BPON and F-27 TC-MBB.

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