Monday, 16 June 2008

Noted were
EC-135 G-WCAO, A-109 N800WK, PA-34s G-BOUM and BOWE,
Corvette F-GJAP, Gazelle XX405, and Cit 680 N202DF.
Reported were Hawk XX224, C-130 XV197, Yak 52 G-BWOD.
Cameron ballon G-CCZA was overhead during the evening.

Sunday 15-06-08
Noted was this Cessna 210 D-EAWS

Friday 13-06-08

Noted at 12.00 were

B-747s G-MKFA and N748CK

Cessna 310 N747YK

DC-8 9G-MKG engine running.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Noted were
Corvette F-GFDH, Tucano ZF458, RV 4 G-BVUN,
and LJ LX-ONE departed as Viking 100 at 19.37.

Wednesday 11-06-08
VC-10 ZA150 (W) departed Air Livery at 17.58
Also noted were
EC135s G-BZRS, WCAO, SPHU and one yellow one
Ces 152 G-BHEC, Ces 172 G-GBTL, R-44 G-KPAO
Corvette F-GILM and AS355 G-LNTY.

R.I.P. M.K. Airlines
Tuesday 10-06-08

M.K. Airlines succumbed to high fuel prices?

Monday 09-06-08
Noted were
B-747s G-MKAA, MKCA, MKEA, MKFA and N742CK.
This J-31 G-NFLA was on apron 1.

Sunday 08-06-08
Noted was this Hawker 900 G-ODUR

Friday 06-06-08
Noted was
Ces F-HFPB on apron 2.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Reported were
BAe 125 M-ALUM towed from Brab hanger to 501 hanger
pos ex N125XX.
J-31 G-LOVB, Corvette F-GILM, PA-31 G-BWHF and R-44 G-KPAO.

Monday 02-06-08
Noted were
BAe 125 CS-DRL
Squirrel G-DANZ,Be 200 WATJ, SR-20 G-GEMM, R-22 G-PIXX,
J-41 G-MAJL, EC-135 G-SPHU, Cit 525 G-CITJ
and PA-34 G-BOIZ.

Sunday 01-06-08
Reported were
F-2000 N2000A and Dauphin OO-NHC

Saturday 31-05-08
Reported were
BAe 125 CS-DRB as NJE321W and BAe 125 N125XX.

Friday 30-05-08
Arriving at 19.00 BAe 125 CS-DRB arrived as NJE729N.

Thursday 29-05-08
Reported were
VC-10 ZA148 (W) arrived for Air Livery, R-22 G-CBXN
J-41 MAJL and PA-28 G-GFCA.

Friday 23-05-08

Noted were

B-747 G-MKHA,
B-737 G-CEPJ departed as GSM738J at 16.37.

Cit 550 HB-VMX as Jet Aviation 101/102

Also noted were AS-355 G-NETR, ATR 72 F-WWEL,

and S-76 N70QS.

Reported was Be 200 G-WVIP.

Thursday 22-05-08
Reported were
J-31 G-UIST and BTXG, Be 200 G-CDFY, CL604 N604HF,
ATR 72 F-WWEL, BAe 146 D-AWUE and J-41 G-MAJL.

Tuesday 20-05-08
Reported were LJ-40 G-STUF, J-31 G-BTXG, Corvette F-GILM
PA-46 N45PJ and CL-604 N604HF.

Monday 24-05-08
Noted were
Be-76 G-BODX, PA-34 G-GOAC, Corvette F-GILM, CL604 N604HF,
AS-355 G-WDKR, PA-28 G-BBXR, AS-355 G-LENI,
Robin 200 G-BLWY, Be 200 G-CDFY,PA-28 G-BPKR, PA-34 G-BTGV
and LJ-40 G-STUF.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Sunday 18-05-08
Departing was A-310 CS-TEI in Oman Air
colours at 12.05 ish enroute to Oman direct.
Also noted was CL604 N604HF on apron 3.

Saturday 17-05-08
Reported were
G-4SP N884L and CL-604 N604HF.

Friday 16-05-08
Noted were DA-42s G-CTCE andCTCH.
Malev B-767 HA-LHB departed Air Livery as Malev 5615
at 12.17.
Globespan B-737 G-CEJP arrived as GSM738
at 10.02.Arriving at 10.40 was Cit 550 G-GHPG as
Also noted were AS-355 G-WDKR and A 109 ZR321.

Wednesday 15-05-08
Noted were Grob PH-835, SR-20 G-GEMM,Cit 550 G-OBCC,
Corvette F-GILM and J-41 G-MAJL.
Reported were F-900EX MM62245.

Tuesday 14-05-08
Reported was F-900EX G-GALX carrying out training

Tuesday 13-05-08
Reported were DA-42 G-CTCE, Be 200 G-CDFY,
and Cit 550 G-JETO.
Noted were R-112TC N112JA, A-109 N109TD,
LJ-45 D-CINS as ADN8008.
Cit 750 N8JQ, SR 20 G-GEMM, J-31 G-BTXG,
Corvette F-GILM and Be 95 G-FABM.
Ces 421 G-KWLI, PA-34s G-FILE and BOCG, R-22 G-PIXL, SR 22 N54105,
and DA 42 G-FCAB.

Monday 12-05-08
Aah what a wonderful sight and sound
Vickers VC-10 ZA150(J) departing at 12.43 as RRR905.
Also noted were Ces 150 G-BRTJ, Katana G-BXTS,
Lancair N400HF, PA-34 G-MAIR and J-41 MAJL.

Sunday 11-05-08
Arriving at 13.20 was Malev B-767 HA-LHB in Oman Air colours.
Also noted were
PA-28 G-BUYY, AA-5 G-BIPA, B-747s G-MKAA and N748CA.
DC-8s 9G-MKH and MKG.
Reported were Mooney G-BJHB, BAe 125 CS-DFY,
DR 400 G-OYIO and Ces 172 G-GWYN.

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