Monday, 30 July 2007

Saturday 28-07-07
At 10.32 the following were noted
BAe 125 CS-DNW (NJE8VK) and PA-28 G-DAAZ.

Tuesday 24-07-07
Noted were PA-28 G-BAWG (see bottom photo)
and Cit 560 OY-NLA (see below)
(Patrick Hardyman-Richards)

(Patrick Hardyman-Richards)

Monday 23-07-07
Noted between 11.20 and 11.35 were
Apron 1 J-31 G-JURA and Ces 421 G-BHKJ
Apron 2 Ces 172 G-BPRM
Arriving at 11.30 was BAe 125 CS-DFW as NJE142T

Sunday 22-07-07
Reported arriving was M.K. Airlines B-747 9G-MKS at 15.00ish

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Saturday 21-07-07
Reported arriving at 10.50 was the first Isle of Man registered aircraft in the
shape of Cit 525 M-ICRO.
Later at 14.33 Sun Air Do 328 OY-NCE arrived as SUS724 departing at 15.15 (see below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Friday 20-07-07
Departing at 08.52 for Goose Bay was Galaxy N322AD.
B-747 9G-MKP departed later.
At 16.16 apron 1 had Cit 550 G-ESTA, Ces 421 G-BHKJ (went sick on start up, plenty of very loud back fireing and smoke from the port engine).
Be 200 G-CDZT arrived as Vickers 04 at 16.16.
Arriving at 17.22 as WDL 319 was BAe 146 D-AWDL standing in for Privat Jet A-319.
Around 18.00 Sea King ZH541 / V arrived for refuel on way to Gloucester for the flooding.

Friday 20-07-07

Thusday 19-07-07
Between 08.15 and 09.30 the following were noted
Eastern 101 / 102 arrived at 08.23 and departed at 08.49 was J-41 G-MAJV
Departing at 08.30 as Vickers 04 was Be 200 G-CDZT
Arriving as UAE7007 at 09.06 was A-330 A6-EKR (see below)
Departing at 09.20 was Robin G-BCCY.
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Wednesday 18-07-07
Apron 3 had Galaxy N322AD
Departing at 14.05 was B-747 9G-MKU as MKA747
Ttaining were PA-34s G-BOUM, BOWE and MAIR
also PA-28s G-BBXW, BOPC and BMTR
Arriving at 16.00 was R-44 G-KPAO and at 16.06 Ces 172 G-BAZT
Departing at 16.25 was Emirates A-330 A6-EKQ as UAE 7008 (see below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Tuesday 17-07-07
Arriving at 13.50 was B-747 9G-MKL as MKA 866,
Visiting between 16.50 and 17.15 was Cit 525 N122SM (see below)
apron 1 had Ces 441 EI-DMG (see below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards
Pat Hardyman-Richards
TB-20 G-BPAS carried out a go round at 14.45
Late visitor was F-2000 D-BOOK.

Monday 16-07-07
Visiting between 08.15 and 08.35 was Be 300 N37172,
Noted later were
B-747's 9G-MKU and G-MKAA,
Also PA-28's G-FBRN and RVRN.

Friday 13-07-07
On apron 1 was Cessna 177 G-BRDO,
Apron 4 had Transaero B-747 VP-BQE
and S / E H had AS-350 G-NTWK.
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Noted between 10.35 and 11.15 were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM
Cit 525 G-OODM (Hanger 826M) Bottom
Cit 550 CS-DHP (NJE 4DQ) below
Pat Hardyman-Richards
Apron 2 had Squerrill G-NTWK, Be 58 N64VB and Be 36TP N836TP,
Apron 3 had Cit 525 G-TBEA.
Arriving at 10.49 PA-30 N918Y.

Later J-41 G-MAJV arrived as EZE103 at 13.18 with Ces 406 G-LEAF arriving at 13.31 as Highway 406A (below) diverting from Cardiff.
Pat Hardyma-Richards

Departing at 13.30 was AS-350 G-HRAK

Noted between 10.00 and 10.30 were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM and Cit 560 D-CEEE (below).
By Pat Hardyman-Richards
Apron 4 had A-109 G-GRND,
PA-28 G-DENE was outside the Avon hanger,
Training were PA-28s G-BOPC and G-BMTR,
S / E H had A-109 ZR322,
Departing at 09.58 was G-NTWK,
Behind the Brab hanger were B-747 9G-MKU, G-MKAA and VP-BQE.
Reported were Gulfy G-TAYC, Cit 550 N846MA, Cit 525 G-CITJ, J-41 G-MAJV and J-31 G-BTXG

Tuesday 10-07-07
Reported were B-747s 9G-MKU arriving as MKA866 and VP-BQE as TSO9741.
Also visting was Be36TP

Monday 09-07-07
Departing at 09.44 was Cit N550LD,
At 09.46 G-BMTR departed with AS-350 departing at 09.49.
PA-28 G-BOPC departed at 09.50 as Fast Track 43,
Going round at 09.53 was PA-34 G-ROUS, with G-FILE copying at 10.07.
While at 10.24 Be 200 G-CDFY arrived as Vickers 03.
Apron 1 had Corvette F-GILM and J-31 G-LOVB,
Apron 3 had Cit 525 D-ILAM,

Saturday 07-07-07
Noted on Apron 1 was PA-30 G-ATSZ (see below),
Apron 2 had Mooney LX-ART,
Outside the 501 hanger were Hurricane LF363 and Spitfire AB910(see in the distance of photo),
Departing at 11.24 was PA-28 G-AWFB,
Training were PA-28s G-BMTR , BOPC and BOUP.
Reported were Ruschmyer PH-GWW and TB-20 G-BPAS.

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Noted between 08.00 and 09.20 the following were noted

On apron 2 A-109 G-WNAA,

Departing at 08.02 was Be 200 G-CDFY

Corvette F-GKGA arrived at 08.28 as Airbus 62L,

Eastflight 101 / 102 was J-41 G-MAJV arr 08.39 and dep 09.09,
Emirates A-330 A6-EKO arrived as UAE7007 at 08.45 seen arriving below
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Wednesday 04-07-07
Between 14.15 and 14.45the following were noted
On the south east was Sqirrell HT 1 ZJ276,
Apron 2 had R-22 G-ROFT and DA-42 G-FCAB,
Brab hanger
In side the west bay was B-747 9G-MKM,
In side the middle bay was B-747 G-MKAA,
Out side the middle bay was DC-8 9G-MKH
and out side the east bay was B-777 A6-EMH (see below) which departed latter as UAE7008.
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Tuesday 03-07-07
Reported was Cit 550 G-FIRM training as Marshall 05T.

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