Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sunday 25-01-09
Reported landing at 16.10 was
B-747 G-MKBA as BGB128P.
Saturday 24-01-09
Reported were
LJ45 N300AQ, Avanti PH-TCN and
B-777 VT-JEF departing at 12.30ish.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Training through out the day was
Shell owned F-900 VP-BSP as SHL751

Iberia A-320 EC-HGY arrived at 12.18 as IBE4704
for Air Livery,
Easy Jet B-737 G-EZJJ arrived as EZY8001 at 16.18
for Air Livery
B-777 VT-JEF was tugged out of Air Livery
in Turkish colours.
Also noted were
DA-42 G-CTCD and Cit 550 N550LD.
Reported was Merlin ZJ995 (AD).

Thursday 22-01-09
At 08.52 the following were noted
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM,
Apron 2 Be 90 F-GETS arrived as OCT901 at 08.12,
Apron 3 J-41s G-MAJK and ISAY.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Noted were Be 200 G-CDFY at 08.32 as VSB07,
LJ-40 G-STUF departed at 14.30 as ACG27A,
Apron 3 had F2TH CS-DFD and C-56X D-CTLX.
GL5 CS-DKC also visited while R-22 G-DGOD departed.
M.K. Airlines B-747 G-MKHA (below) departed at 13.02
as BGB906 enroute to Frankfurt, however it never made it.
It returned at 14.30ish with a tech fault.
It later departed at 19.42.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Arriving on runway 09 at 10.58 and taxying to apron 4
Jet Airways B-773 VT-JEF
arriving for Air Livery
Also noted were Corvettes F-GILM and F-GKGA
also Be 200 G-CDFYon apron 1
Apron 2 had LJ-40 G-STUF.
Apron 3 had Cit 525 D-CLAT and J-41 G-MAJK.
Training were
Be 200 G-CGAW and DA-42 G-CTCF.
Departing at 16.07 was CL30 VP-BEK.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Noted were
This Cit 560XL D-CTLX departing as HLX601H
Also noted were Be 200 G-CGAW training as CLT9.
Arriving at 19.15 was B-747 G-MKHA as BGB118P

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Noted were this J-31 G-EIGG on apron 1 with Corvette F-GILM.
Apron 3 had J-41 G-MAJK (EZE102)

with F-100 F-GNLG (BLE846) and
Do-328 as Welcome 6DJ

Air Livery sent VC-10 XV108 back to thr R.A.F.
and this Oman Air B-737 A4O-BR to Muscat.
Also noted were Tucano ZF269 (MP)
and PA-34 G-BHFH.
Highland J-41 G-ISAY was reported.

Monday 12-01-09
Reported was Cit G-SEAJ.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year all.

A good start to 2009 an OMAN Air

B-737 A4O-BR arriving to a light snow covering

at 08.45

Later at 11.20 B-747 G-MKBA arrived as


Outside the Avon Hanger was PA-28 G-DIAT.

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