Sunday, 30 November 2008

Departing at 10.00 was F-2000 EC-JXR,
BAe 125 M-ALUN at 10.07
PA-46 N46PJ and AS-350 G-NUTY.
Saturday 29-11-08
Reported were
PA-31 G-YEOM and BAe 125 CS-DUB on apron 1,
PA-46 N46PJ on apron 2
and F-2000 EC-JXR on apron 3.
LJ-45 G-STUF visited.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Training as Jester 1T was Cit 550 G-YPRS,
and DA-42 OE-FYA.
Iceland Air B-757 TF-FIY arrived at 13.38 for Air Livery.
Resting between training turns CIT 510 G-FLBK.
Reported were PA-31 G-YEOM, BAe 125 CS-DUB and
F-2000 EC-JXR.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

At 09.25 Be 90 M-GLAS departed.
Olso on apron 1 was Corvette F-GILM
J-31 G-CCPW.
Departing at 10.08 was B-744 A6-COM
as Dubia 3 .

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

United Arab Emirates Royal Flight B-747 A6-COM
being pushed on to apron 4.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Training at 11.59 was Cit 550 G-YPRS as Jester1T,
Departing to Luton as NJE5DZ was BAe 125 CS-DFZ at 12.30.
Apron had Falcon 20 G-FRAO (Broardway 80)
Also noted were Corvette F-GILM, Falcon 20 G-FRAP (Pink 3)
and J-41 G-MAJM.
Later B-747 G-MKBA departed as MK123
and B-747 F-GCBD arrived as MKA789.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Friday 21-11-08
Apron 1 had PA-32 G-MOLL

Thursday 20-11-08
Departing at 11.31 was Bae 125 CS-DRQ as NJE010U,
Training between 11.10 and 11.32 was DA-42 OE-FYB,
Apron 1 had Corvettes F-GILM and GJAP,
TBM F-GLBZ was on apron 2 with regulars
Cit 550 N550LD was by the 501 hanger.
Going round at 13.05 was Ce 182 G-RCWK,
with J-41 G-MAJM and PA 34 G-GFCD also noted.

Wednesday 19-11-08
BAe 125 CS-DRQ arrived as NJE394G

Tuesday 18-11-08
Red 9 Hawk XX294 departed at 10.00.

Monday 17-11-08
Arriving as Red 9 was Hawk XX249
EZE 103/104 was J-41 G-MAJM in this yukky colour
visiting between 13.11 and 13.37
Merlin ZJ119 did a go round at 13.26 as Vortex 775.

Sunday 16-11-08
Reported was Ce 172 G-GBFF.

Friday 14-11-08
Departing at 07.40 was Be 350 N37174,
Training were DA-42s OE-FYA / OE-FYB,
Ambasador 914 A was B-90 King Air M-TSRI arrived 09.18,
At 09.22 CJ2 G-OCJZ arrived as Clifton 4,
with AS 355 G-NTWK departing as Asprey 63,
At 10.02 PA-28 G-BGXS arrived with PA-34 G-DSID AT 10.17.
Apron 1 had PA-34 G-LORD
At 13.56 Gazelle XX438 arrived with
B-747 G-MKBA arriving as MKA119 at 14.05.
R 114R arrived at 14.12, Enstrom 480 G-PJNZ arrived at 14.15
and AS 355 G-ULES arrived at 14.33.

Thursday 13-11-08
Departing at 12.33 was B-747 G-MKHA as MKA123,
Training at 12.38 was Merlin ZJ119 (C) as Vortex285,
Apron 1 had Corvette F-GKGA,
Apron 2 AS-355 G-NTWK, SR 20 G-GEMM, Robin G-BLWY,
PA-28 G-ATTI, Be 200 N500CS.
Avon hanger PA-28 G-DENE.
Apron 4 CL 603 LN-SOL and CL-604 LN-SUL.
Diverting in from Gloucester BAe 125 CS-DVB as NJE701N,
EZE103 was J-41 G-MAJM
Arriving at 20.14 was Be350 N 37172 .

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Reported were
CL 604 LN-SUN (MDT9) and CL 603 LN-SOL (MDT6).
Also Ce 152 G-BOKY, PA-28s G-BAXZ and G-DENE,
SR 20 N54105 and G 159 N748AA.
Tuesday 11-11-08
Reported was J-41 G-MAJM in special colours.
Monday 10-11-08
Arriving at 18.03 was B-747 G-MKHA.
Sunday 09-11-08
Departing at 14.18 was B747 G-MKGA as Kruger833P.
Thursday 06-11-08
Reported were
DA-42 G-ITFL and B-747 A6-COM (arr 16.05 for Air Livery)
Tuesday 04-11-08
Reported was G-159

Monday, 3 November 2008

Noted this morning were

M.K. Cargo B-747 G-MKGA arriving at 07.54 as MKA123,

Vickers Be 200 VSB05 G-CDZT departed at 08.00,

WDL BAe 146 D-AWUE departed at 08.08 as WDL318,

Airbus Corvette F-GKGA arrived aqt 08.19 as RBU61L,

Airbus 319 VP-BEY arrived at 08.25, nice.

Departing was DHC-8 OY-KCD in Malev colours to be HA-LQA

BAe 125 CS-DFW arrived as NJE394G at 14.10

Also reported was G-PJNZ.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Arriving at 10.05 was this F2TH OY-CKN as
Mermaid 7761.
Visiting earlier were EC-135 G-DORS, LJ40 G-STUF as ACG10A
and LJ 45 N300AQ.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Departing for an Airtest and then to Manston
was M.K. Cargos B-747 G-MKJA ex HS-ORB at 12.17.

Thursday 30-10-08
Departing Air Livery was B-737 OM-NGH in AnadoluJet
colours. It departed at 14.42 as Relaxs 100F.
Also noted were PA-32 G-BRSJ, PA-34 G-BOSD, J-41
G-MAJP and B-747 HS-ORB having its British reg G-MKJA applied.

Wednesday 29-10-08
Visiting in conjunction with Rememderance Day were
Auster XR244 and Deaver XP820 of the
Army Historic Flight.

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