Monday, 27 November 2006

Early departure was Global Express N167GX at 07.58 to Bradley International.
At 10.45 VC10 XV102 (T) was outside west bay and Excel B-737 G-XLAD was being towed to apron 3. It was in new XL.COM colours and departed at 12.05 as STAR AWAY 810P, its reported as going on lease to Excel France ex Star Air Europe, thanks Sean.
Highway 71 / 74 was J-31 G-BXTG on apron and mail aircraft were F-27s TC-MBB / MBF and BAe 146 G-ZAPO.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Landing at 09.05 was Global Express N167GX, still on apron 3 at 12.30 due to depart 08.00 27-11-06
At that time on apron 1 was Ces 152 G-BRBP, on apron 2 WAS G-WARE.
Landing at 12.40 was Austrian A-340 OE-LAG as AUA 1479 for Air Livery.

Friday 24-11-06
At 15.22 Be 300 N37172 departed.
Departing at 16.51 was MK Airlines B-747 G-MKAA as MKA 789.

Wednesday 22-11-06
Between 11.15 and 11.30 the following were noted
Arriving to south east H S-76 G-LJRM.
Apron 1 Net jets BAe125 CS-DRK arrived 11.22 as NJE 769.
Training were AS-355 G-LENI (Special 07) 11.29, PA-34 G-BOUP and Bulldog G-RAIG 11.18.
Mail flights F-27 TC-MBF / MBH and BAe 146 G-ZAPR.
Arriving at 17.35 was Cit 560 VP-CGE.

Tuesday 21-11-06
Noted were Be 90's F-GCTR and G-WELL, Corvettes F-GLEC and F-GJAS.
Mail flights were F-27'S TC-MBB and TC-MBF and BAe 146 G-ZAPO.
Reported arriving for Air Livery was Excel B-737 G-XLAD as XLA 201P

Monday, 20 November 2006

Between 09.40 and 11.00 the following were noted
Apron 1 J-31 G-LOVB
Arriving at 10.00 was MK Airlines B-747 G-MKAA as MKA 128P from Oostend
Training was PA-28 G-BNNZ
MK 747 's crew bus to Luxemburgh was PA-31 G-PZIZ as Aeromed 075.
Air Union / Kras Air B-767 N330LF was behind the Brab hanger preping to depart, departed at 13.30.
Later at 14.10 SR-22 N147GT was in the patern training.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sunday 19-11-06
MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKM departed at 16.10 as MKA 747.

Saturday 18-11-06
Behind Brab Hanger were
Outside west bay Air Union / Kras Air B-767 (S till no reg)
Inside Centre bay DC-8's 9G-FB and 9G-MKH
Towing in from engine runs on the runway was MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKM.
Departing at 16.38 was Excel B-737 G-XLAI as XLA120P.

Thursday 16-11-06
Departing at 17.47 was Do 328 Jet OY-NCP as SUS 699.

Wednesday 15-11-06
Reported were
Excel B-737 G-XLAI for Air Livery as XLA 70P and Do 328 Jet OY-NCP.

Tuesday 14-11-06
Out shopped from Air Livery was B-767 ( N330LF) in Air Union / Kras Air colours and NO REG.
Arriving at 17.20 Do 328 Jet OY-NCP as SUS 699
17.25 J-41 G-MAJO as EZE 105
17.30 PA-34 G-OOON
17.35 A-319 D-???? Private Air 319

Monday 13-11-06
Noted Gulfy 4 N407GC.

Sunday 12-11-06
Reported was Gulfy 4 N407GC

Friday 10-11-06
At 09.30
Apron 1 PA-31 D-ILGA, Be 200 N500CS.
Apron 2 DA-40 G-JKMG, later DA-40 G-JKMF arrived.
South east H AS-335 G-XOIL.
Mail flights F-27's TC-MBF / H, BAe 146 G-ZAPO.
Departing at 09.30 MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKL as MKA 747.
Reported Glasair G-TRUK and C-152 G-BGNT.

Wednesday 08-11-06
Arriving at 12.31 was MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKM as MKA 744 with Polet B-767 arriving at 13.25 for Air Livery. Eastern J-41 G-MAJO arrived at 13.13 and R.A.F. VC-10 XV102 also arriving for Air Livery at 15.57 as RRR 878.
Training were AS-355 G-LENI as Special 33 at 13.00, Be 76 G-JLRW at 13.05 as Dartmoor 02.
Apron 1 had Corvette F-GKGA.
Apron 2 had DA-40 G-JKMG.
South east H had B-206 G-BNYD.
Mail flight aircraft were F-27's TC-MBF / H and BAe 146 G-ZAPO.

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Departing at 11.50 was Corsair A-330 F-HCAT as CRO 081.

Sunday 05-11-06
Challenger N300SM attempted a landing but aborted due to poor vis diverted to BRI.

Saturday 04-11-06
Reported were PA-34 G-JANN (Synergy 291), C-172 G-BOJR, PA-34's G-BOSD and G-FILE formation flying (pos photo shoot?) and PA-28 G-CSBD.

Friday 03-11-06
Between 11.25 and 11.45 the following were noted
BAe 146 G-ZAPR / JEAO, f-27 TC-MBB / E / F. B-767 VP-CME, PA-38 G-NCFC, C-172 G-WACW.DA-40G-JKMG, Be 35A G-NEWT, C-177 G-AYPH, Lear Jet G-OLDT (GLD 10A / 10B) arr 11.27, PA-34 g/r 11.30, EC-135 G-BZRS depart 11.31 (Red Head 66).
Reported was P-46 G-BFBU.
Heavy metal movements were MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKP departing at 17.00 as MKA 124
Transaero B-767 EI-DBW departing as TSO 9768 at 18.25.

Thursday 02-11-06
Noted at 10.16 were R 114 G-HILO, J-31 G-BTXG, PA-32 BBSM, DA-40 G-JKMG, EC-135 G-BZRS, F-27 TC-MBE / H, B-767 VP-CME, BAe 146 G-ZAPO / JEAO.
Reported were DA-42 G-IANV / CTCF, J-41 MAJO and PA-34 G- BCVY / ELIS.

Wednesday 01-11-06
Noted between 08.45 and 09.45 were Be 200 G-CDFY (depart 08.45), Diamond Star G-JKGM and PA-32 G-BBSM on apron 1. Apron 4 had BAe146 G-ZAPR and F-27 TC-MBB.
Departing off apron 3 was J-41 G-MAJO (EZE 101 / 102), parked were B-767 VP-CME, BAe 146 G-JEAO, A-319 D-APAA (Tech) and F-27 TC-MBE.
Highland J-31 (HWY 71 / 72) Arr 08.52 / Dep 09.22, arriving at 08.53 was Cirrus SR 20 G-SMKA, Training were EC-135 G-BZRS, PA-28's G-GFCA and G-EKIR. R 114 G-HILO.
Transaero B-767 EI-DBW arrived for attention by MK Engineering at TSO 9767.
Reported were Be 200 G-BZNE and PA-28 AZDE.

Monday 30-10-06
Reported departing was Corsair A-330 F-HBIL in Thomson blue colours, ex Air Livery. Later between 11.15 and 11.30 MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKL was out side the centre bay, with Johnson Air Liveried DC-8 9G-FAB in the centre bay. Corsair A-330 F-HCAT arrived at 11.19 as CRL 80 ror Air Livery. Diamond Star G-JKMG was on apron 2. Reported were F-27's TC-MBE / F / B, BAe 146 G-ZAPR, J-41 MAJO and Cit D-ILAT departed at 14.35.

Sunday 29-10-06
Making a fine sound and sight having departed Mildenhall was Orion 161586 climbing west bound at 09.45

Saturday 28-10-06
Noted were Jodel HB-EUO, Diamond Star G-JKMG and departing at 17.10 was MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKP as MKA 747.

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