Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Reported were PA-31 F-GFUV, S-76 G-XXEA and Sch 300 G-TAME.

Monday, 27 February 2006

Reported werePA-28 G-CCAV, Cirrus SR20 G-OPSS and Be 200 G-FPLB.

Sunday 26-02-06
At 12.15 Cessna G-PFCL was on apron 1 with KLM Boeing 737 PH-BXM getting ready to depart for Amsterdam as KLM 7451 on taxiway F. RC 840 N840PN landed late afternoon.

Friday, 24 February 2006

Seen departing at 17.50 was Trislander G-BEDP as Blue Rock or Blue Island 300.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Noted at 10.20 were Cit 660 PH-MEX (departed at 10.50) and Corvette F-GLEC.
On apron 2 were Ces 172 G-AVHH, PA-23 G-BBDO and Be 200 G-FPLD for calibration checks.
On apron 3 was Metro G-BUKA.

Wednesday 22-02-06
Reported departing was SAAB 340 G-GNTC in all white colour.

Monday, 20 February 2006

Reported arriving for Air Livery was K.L.M. B-737 PH-BXM from Amsterdam as KLM 7451 at 08.10. At 09.40 BAe 125 ZD620 was preparing to depart. Also reported earlier was Be 200 G-VSBC as Vickers 02.

Saturday 18-02-06
Reported arriving for Air Livery was SAAB 340 G-GNTC

Friday 17-02-06
Noted at 10.05 were landing on s/e H, EC-135 G-BZRS, PA-34 G-CEGA departing and on apron 1 Ces 182 G-GCYC. Reported were PA-28 G-BOPC, PA-30 N8523Y, PA-34's G-BEJV and G-FILE, AS-355 G-WIRE and R-22G-CBXN.

Thursday 16-02-06
VC-10 XV105 departed Air Livery for Brize as RRR856 at 17.44. Also reported were Trislander G-BEDP for Air Livery, J-412 G-MAJN, BAe 125 ZD621, Metro G-BUKA and Corvette G-GLEC.

Wednesday 15-02-06
Departing at 14.21 was Cit 760 N970SK, also noted was Metro G-BUKA. Reported were Corvette F-GLEC, J-41 G-MAJN, EC-135 G-BZRS and Jet Ranger G-XXIV.

Monday, 13 February 2006

Noted between 08.40 and 09.00 were Cit 550 CS-DHG arriving at 08.46 as NJE489D, with J-41 G-MAJN departing as EZE 102 at 08.54 and C-130 ZH869 training as RRR530. Arriving just after noon from Goose Bay was Cit 760 N970SK with R-44 G-OMCD on s/e H. Also reported training were PA-34's G-BHYE (CSE 61), G-GAFA (PA-92), Be76 and PA-28 G-ATTI.

Sunday, 12 February 2006

Departing at 10.33 was Air Berlin B-737 D-ABAW.

Saturday 11-02-06
Noted at 11.10 were on apron 2 R-114B G-HMBJ and on s/e H was EC-130 EI-MET. Reported was A-109 N7242N.

Friday 10-02-06
Reported at 13.30 were PA-34 G-OACG, PA-30 N8523Y and PA-28 G-BTID. On the H was AS-355 ZH141 while training was PA-28 G-TAGS.

Thursday, 9 February 2006

Reported at 13.00 were on apron 1 :- Corvette F-GLEC and PA-28's G-BTID and G-BGVK. On apron 2 were R-114B G-HMBJ, Mooney M-20K N101UK and PA-32 N515SC by hanger. Apron 3 had Metro BUKA and J-41 G-MAJN, while training were PA-28 G-BSXB, G-EKIR and G-WFFW.

Wednesday 08-02-06

Noted training were Cit 550 G-VUEZ as Flyview 101T and AS-355 G-LENI as Special 07.

Monday, 6 February 2006

Noted at 09.45 were Air Berlin B-737 D-ABAW for Air Livery and Falcon 200 N777FC on apron 1.

Sunday, 5 February 2006

Noted departing at 09.48 was Air Berlin's B-737 D-ABAT to Dusseldorf as BER798P after attention by Air Livery.

Saturday, 4 February 2006

Noted on apron 1 was Ces 182 N182PN.

Friday 03-02-06
Reprorted visiting were Vickers Be 200s G-VSBC and G-CDFY. Landing at 09.50 was Gulf 4 N5NG with Johnson Air DC-8 9G-LIL departing to East Midlands at 14.05.

Wednesday 01-02-06
Reported training was Merlin HC 2 ZJ121 (E). Also reported AT 09.30 were Corvette F-GLEC and ATR 42 G-DRFC as AAG 071/072.

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