Thursday, 22 February 2007

A-320 G-VBUS Photo by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Wednesday 21-02-07
Outside the west bay was Virgin Nigeria A-340 G-VBUS. Later after dark (drat) CSA B-737 OK-CGT departed as CSA 9221 at 18.28. At 19.58 departing as IBE 4701 was A-320 EC-HQI.

Tuesday 20-02-07
Noted between 10.15 and 10.30 were PA-34 G-LENY arrived 10.28, PA-28 G-BSXB training 10.17, Ces G-AWUU arrive 10.27. While on apron 1 was Corvette F-GFDH.
Later during the afternoon Cit G-VUEA was training with PA-31 landing at 15.56.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

G-MKAA by Pat Hardyman-Richards TC-MBH by Pat Hardyman-Richards
CS-DNK by Pat Hardyman-Richards

Saturday 17-02-07
At 09.10 Net Jets BAe 124 CS-DNK was on apron 1 (see left). Later at 10.50 the following were noted behind the Brab hanger:- B-747 G-MKAA (above left)which had arrived at 10.40 as MKA 789.
Outside the west bay were DC-8s 9G-MKC and 9G-MKH. Inside the centre bay were DC-8s 9G-MKG and 9G-TOP. Also being towed behind the hangar was MNG F-27 TC-MBH (above right).
OK-CGT by Pat Hardyman-Richards Thursday 15-02-07
Noted between 08.50 and 09.10 were Eastern J-41 G-MAJU, CSA B-737 OK-CGJ (above)which later departed as CSA 9221. Apron had Corvette F-GLEC. Apron 4 had BAe 146 G-ZAPR and F-27 TC-MBH. Training later was Be-200 G-BVMA.

9G-TOP by Pat Hardyman-Richards OM-SEE by Pat Hardyman-Richards
Wednesday 14-02-07
At 10.00 the following were noted behind the Brab hangar DC-8 9G-TOP (see above left) and Aeroflot Nord B-737 OM-SEE / VP-BRE. (See above right) Which later departed as ESK 100F. Arriving around 16.00 was CSA B-737 OK-CGT.

Tuesday 13-02-07
Reported were A-319 D-APAB, Be 200 G-CDZT, J-31 G-LOVB, J-41 G-MAJU, BAe 146 G-ZAPO and F-27 TC-MBB. Arriving at 10.40 was Johnson Air DC-8 9G-TOP.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Between 14.35 and 15.05 the following were noted Training PA-34 G-BPON (FST 29) at 14.38 and AS-355 G-LENI (Special 33) at 14.44. Arriving for Air Livery was Iberia A-320 EC-HQI as IBE 4916 at 14.56. All white DC-8 9G-MKH was parked outside west bay of Brab Hanger. On apron 1 was Be 200 N500CS and J-31 G-LOVB (HWY 71).

Friday, 9 February 2007

Wednesday 07-02-07
At 09.50
Apron 1 B-200 G-CDFY (Fog delayed),
Apron 3 Be-1900 F-GPYY,
Apron 4 BAe 146 G-ZAPR and F-27-TC-MBH,
Arriving 10.30 Skyeurope B-737 OM-SEE (HSK 100F) having earlier diverted to Bristol due to fog for Air Livery.
Arriving 10.47 J-41 G-MAJU (EZE 101 /102) Fog delay
"""""""" ???? J-31 G-BXTG (HWY 71) """""""""
Go round 10.55 PA-34 G-BEJV,
Arriving 11.10 Net Jets Cit 560XL CS-DFS (NJE 365R) depart 16.05 (NJE 938D)
Arriving 16.00 CSA B-737 OK-CGJ as CSA 9220 for Air Livery,
"""""""" 16.07 Be 200 G-CDFY "" Vickers 04
"""""""" 16.18 Corvette F-GLEC "" Airbus 601
"""""""" Ces 172 G-AYPG
Departing 18.?? CSA B-737 CK-CGH as CSA 9221 ex Air Livery.

Tuesday 06-02-07
Arriving at 16.00 was Atlantique Air Assistance Be 1900 F-GPYY as TLD 331.
Outside old Concorde hanger was TB-20 G-SPAM

Monday 05-02-07
Training at 11.37 PA-28 G-CSBD,
""""""""""" 15.07 Cit 550 G-ESTA,
""""""""""" 15.17 PA-34 G-BEAG,
Arriving "" 15.19 Robin G-BCCY,
Training "" 15.22 PA-28 G-BBXW,
Departing" 15.30 B-758 G-VKNA (XLA 210P),
Passing Chinook ZH 893 (Vortex 414).

Friday 02-02-07
Reported by Andy were
Mail Aircraft BAe 146 G-ZAPO and F-27 TC-MBB,
Apron 1 Ces 310 G-BTYK, Ces 182 G-EIRE, Ces 177 G-AYPH and Be 200 G-CDFY
Apron 3 A-319 D-APAB.

Wednesday 31-01-07
Reported were J-31 ZE441 (RRR 7695), SR-22 N220RJ, J-41 G-MAJU and PA-30 G-BZRO.
At 09.45 outside 501 hanger was TB-700 N257JM,
Training PA-43 G-BOCG and PA-28 G-BOPC,
Apron 2 PA-32 G-BBSM,
Apron 1 Corvette F-GFDH,
Avon Hanger PA-28 G-BSEF.
Arriving at 16.30 CSA B-737 OK-CGH as CSA 9220 for Air Livery,
""""""""""" 17.05 Ces 172 G-ASSS,
""""""""""" 17.08 J-31 G-BTXG (HWY 73),
""""""""""" 17.13 Be 200 G-CDFY,
""""""""""" 19.24 B-757 G-VKNA (XLA 090P) Air Livery,
""""""""""" 21.16 B-767 G-BOPB (XLA 031P) """""""""".

Tuesday 30-01-07
Training at 15.30 was J-31 ZE441 and Ces 182 G-GBTL
Departing at 21.30 was B-747 9G-MKM as MKA 789.
Reported was PA-31 G-ONPA.

Monday 29-01-07
At 12.15 J-31 G-LOVB and BAe 125 CS-DRK (NJE 314K) were on apron 1.
Apron 2 had Citation 550 G-ESTA, Extars G-ZEXL, ZXEL, ZXCL and OFFO.
Training were PA-34 G-BHYG and G-GAFA.
Departing at 19.45 was B-747 9G-MKM as MKA 747.
Reported was C-182 G-GBTL.

Sunday 28-01-07
Arriving at 11.26 was B-747 9G-MKP as MKA 456, departing at 15.54 was SATA A-310 CS-TGU as RZO 002P, with B-747 9G-MKM behind Brab hanger and mail flight a/c F-27 TC-MBB and BAe 146 G-ZAPO. Citation 550 G-JETO departed at 16.30.

Friday 26-01-07
Noted were Citations G-ESTA and G-JETO. Reported were A-319 D-APAA, AS-365 G-DAUF,F-27 TC-MBH and BAe 146 G-ZAPR.

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