Friday, 30 November 2007

Early departure this morning was Globespan
B-767 G-CEOD, which has white engine cowlings as opposed to red one.
It left for Glasgow as GSM725P at 08.35.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Also noted were TBM 7 N233JG on apron 2
and Avanti F-GPKN on apron 3 which had arrived 29-11-07

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Noted at 15.17 were
Apron 1 PA-30 G-ATSZ and Corvette F-GFDH.
Apron 4 B-747s VP-BVR andN748CK.
Ces 182 G-RCWK was training.
Reported were
Transaero B-747 VP-BQC, Be-1900 OO-PHB
and Avanti F-GPKN.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Training at 12.05 was Be 76 G-BXWA as Lizard 05T,
while at 12.12 PA-34 G-BEAG did a go round as CSE61.
Arriving at 12.14 was Be 200 G-CDZT as Vickers 4.
SR-20 carried out the first of 2 aproaches at 12.20
before landing.
Towed out of Air livery was Condor B-757 D-ABOH, departed as CFG673 at 14.45.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Globespan B-767 was then pushed into Air livery.
Reported were
J-41 G-MAJK, S-76 G-XXEA, Corvette F-GLEC,
and Be 1900 OO-PHB as Highway 19C.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Between 12.40 and 13.15 the following were noted
Training PA-34 G-FILE, EC-135 G-BZRS and BAE 125 G-OLDD.
Apron 1 had Corvette F-GFDH and J-31 G-JURA.
Apron 4 B-747 N748CK.
Avon hanger Ces 182 G-RCWK (pos new resident).
Inside the centre bay was B-747 G-MKHA.
At 15.45 PA-28 G-OMNI was training
and Globespan B-767 (below) arrived for Air Livery.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Arriving at 11.22 was Alitalia MD-82 I-DANQ (below) as AZA8940,
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Departing at 13.07 as AZA8941 was Ailtalia MD-82 I-DANR (below)

Note the slight change to the style of the livery.

Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Also noted were AA-5A G-OSTC, AC-11 G-EMCA, TB-20 G-SAPM, PA-28 G-BSXB

and B-747s TF-ARW, VP-BVR and N848CK.

Reported was Ces 182 G-RCWK.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

South east H had EC-135 G-BZRS,
Apron 4 had B-742 N748CK and B-744 VP-BVR (ex ZS-SAX and VP-BKG)?
Arriving at 11.30 was B-742 TF-ARW (below) as MKA118.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Wednesday 21-11-07
Condor B-757 D-ABOF being towed out of Air Lvery
later departed at 15.08 as CFG671.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Earlier at 11.11 Condor B-757 D-ABOH arrived as CFG672
for Air Livery,

Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Also noted were

Irish AW-139 275, B-747 N748CK minus its engines.

Training were PA-34 G-BOWE, G-BGTV and A-109 G-TGRA

Tuesday 20-11-07
Noted were
B-747 9G-MKM, G-MKHA and VP-BKG behind the Brab hanger,
Outside 501 hanger was N550LD,
Apron 1 had J-31 G-LOVB and Corvette F-GILM.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Friday 16-11-07
MK Airlines new B-747 G-MKHA ex Air China B-2446 (below),
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Arriving at 13.33 was Be 90 N41AK (below)

with MK Airlines R-44 G-OMKA arriving at 13.49,

training were PA-34 G-BGFT, PA-28 G-BASJ / BSBX and Ces172 G-GBTL.

Later Alitalia MD-83 I-DANR arrived at 17.48 as AZA8940 for Air Lvery,

Privatair A-319 D-APAB departed at 17.52.

Thursday 15-11-07
Excel B-767 G-VKNG departed at 07.32 as XLA103P,
with Be 400 G-IWDB training at 10.11.
Reported were Challanger LN-SUN as MDT6
and F-2000 CS-DFC as NJE849L.

Wednesday 14-11-07
Between 12.24 and 13.20 the following were noted
Training were DA-42 G-FCAB as EXM 10 at 12.34,
EC-135 G-PLAL as Redhead 62 at 12.24,
as well as PA-34 G-BEAG and PA-28 G-BOPC.
Behind the hanger were B-747 G-MKBA (below) depart as MKA802 at 15.17,
Transaero B-747 VP-BKG and
Condor B-757 D-ABOF inside Air Livery having arrived as CFG670 at 07.47.
On apron 3 were Excel B-767 G-VNKG (bottom) and J-41 G-MAJU.
Arriving at 19-03 was MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKM.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Tuesday 13-11-07
Noted were Transaero B-747 VP-BKG behind hanger,
Cit 560 G-OBCC training as Trafalga 1T at 10.09,
and AWAC ZH103 training as NATO 05 at 16.10.
Reported were EC-135 G-PLAL and B-747 G-MKBA.

Monday 12-11-07
Departing at 12.13 as NJE445E was BAe 125 CS-DRO (below)
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Also noted on apron 2 was PA-31 G-FCED.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Friday 09-11-07
Noted on apron 3 was G-4 V-11

Thusday 08-11-07
Arriving at 08.00 was Global N379G
with B-747 G-MKAA departing at 08.05 as MKA701.
S-76 G-VONB departed with pax from the Global at 08.15 as Premier 01.
Vickers Be 200 G-CDFY departed as VKS01 at 08.27.
Corvettes F-GILM and F-GKGA were on apron 1.
Arriving at 08.24 was J-41 G-MAJU as EZE101.
B-747 N787MD was rolled out of Air Livery as VP-BKG
in Transaero colours.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Wednsday 07-11-07
Between 10.55 and 12.40 the following were noted
Apron 1
Ces 421 G-HIJK and Corvette F-GLEC,
training at 11.03 was Be 200 G-BVMA,
arriving at 11.05 was BE 23 G-ATBI,
training at 11.17 was PA-34 G-BOWE (EXM 17)
and at 11.37 Be 76 G-JLRW as Dartmoor 02.
In the centre bay was B-747 G-MKAA.
Arriving for Air Livery was Excel Airlines B-767 G-VKNG
as XLA01P at 12.35.
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Saturday 02-11-07
On apron 1 was PA-24 G-PETH
with B-747 N787MD on apron 4 (below)
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Behind the Brab hanger were B-747 N748CK (below)
Patrick Hardyman-Richards and B-777 A6-EMJ last Emirates for Air Livery (below)
departed 16.00 ish as UAE7002
Patrick Hardyman-Richards
Departing around 14.15 was TB-20 G-SAPM

Friday 02-11-07
Noted were
A-109 ZR323 south east H,
LJ-45 N300AQ as HJL5AQ,
PA-24 G-PETH on apron 1
B-747 N748CK arrived all white as CKS9748
at 19.07 for MK Airlines.

Thursday 01-11-07
Noted between 10.40 and 10.50 were
PA-34 G-BOUM (CSE56) at 10.43, PA-34 G-BOWE (CSE 19) at 10.45,
and on apron 3 A-319 D-APAA.
Reported were
LJ N300AQ and Citation G-TBEA.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wednesday 31-10-07
Noted between 12.44 and 13.30
Apron 1 had PA-46 F-GHRR (below), Cessna 340 N340YP (bottom) and Corvette F-GILM.
South east H had A-109 ZR322,
arriving at 12.53 PA-28 G-GFCA with J-41 G-MAJU arriving at 13.10.

Tuesday 30-10-07
Noted between 12.35 and 13.30
Apron 1 had PA-31 G-MRMR (LNX66MM), Cessna 421 G-HIJK and Corvette F-GILM,
Apron 3 had J-41 G-MAJU (EZE103 / 104).

Monday 29-11-07
Noted at 13.30 were CS-DRH and R-44 G-MDDT
Patrick Hardyman-Richards

Friday 26-11-07
Noted were PA-34 G-BPON training,
Apron 1 SR-20 G-VGAG and apron 2 PA-28 G-CBSO.
Outside Brab hangerB-747's N787MD and G-MKAA,
Inside centre bay B-747 G-MKEA ex 9G-MKU.

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