Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ex Eurofly A-330 I-EEZB lining up
for departure at 17.48 as EEZ8002. Now in Saudi Arabian colours
on lease to Atlas Jet.
Back tracking for runway 27 ready for an air test
and in its new reg G-MKKA. It is ex Orient Thia
Also noted were
Bo 105 G-NDAA, EC-135 G-WCAO.
Corvette F-GLEC, J-41s G-ISAY and MAJX, J-31 G-BTXG,
SR-20 G-GEMM and Robin G-BLWY.
DA-40 N215DS and PH-PCA, PA-28 G-ATTI, TB-10 G-SAPM,
Ce 150 G-ARFI Cit 525 D-CLAT and PA-34 G-GAFA.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lining up ready to depart A-330 HB-IQP
as SWR 5233 at 12.51
On apron 1 was PA-32 G-WINS

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Apron 1 had Beagle Pup G-AWWE.
Arriving at 08.43 was Eurofly A-330 I-EEZB

as EEZ8002

Out of Air Livery came A-330 HB-IQP

in Vietnam Airlines colours

Thursday 09-04-09
Apron 1 had Aero Comander VP-BCT
While Merlin ZX001 (AF) was training as Vortex 315 at 10.00Departing to Bristol International at 19.50 was Cit PH-DYE as Solid Air 963

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thursday 02-04-09

Departing at 19.45 after its new coat of paint was

Pagasus B-737 TC-APH as PGT006.

Also noted was BAe 146 D-AWUE.

Wednesday 01-04-09

Arriving at 08.37 was this Swiss A-330 HB-IQP

as SWR5232 for Air Livery.

Reported departing at 10.30 was Sea King

XV673 as Rescue193 also noted was


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