Thursday, 24 May 2007

Reported was DC-3 N1944A.
MD-83 G-FLTM (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Wednesday 23-05-07

Noted between 14.30 and 15.00:-

Apron 1 Covette F-GILM,

Apron 2 PA-28 G-EGTR and AA-5B G-BIPA,

Apron 3 G-MAJK (having gone u/s),

Apron 4 Pulsar 3 G-BYJL, PA-34 G-EZYU, PA-28 SE-FCM, Be 36 G-MAPR

PA-28 G-KATS, Ces 172 G-BZZD, Jodel G-AYLV, Cub G-BTZX, Robin G-WAVI,

PA-28 G-AZSF, TB-10 G-BOIT, PA-28 G-FBRN, Jodel G-BMID, Pitz G-OWAZ

and PA-28 G-BTLG.

Training were EC-135 G-BZRS and PA-34 G-GAFA,

Outside west bay of Brab hanger MD-83 G-FLTM ex EC-KBA.

Cit 550 N550LD (Pat Hardyman-Richards
Tuesday 22-05-07

Between 13.10 and 14.15 the following were noted:-

Apron 1 Ces 150 G-AWUU and Corvette F-GILM.

Apron 2 AA-5B G-BIPA.

Avon hanger Collumbia 400 N400HF.

Apron 3 J-41 G-MAJK.

Arriving at 13.17 was P-51 472216

14.10 Cit 550 N550LD

14.12 PA-28 G-WARE.

Noted on apron 2 was AA-5B G-BIPA.

Friday 18-05-07
Reported were, Twin star G-CTCF, Cirrus N521CD, AS 355 G-NTWK,
Ces 402 G-EYES and Cit 525 PH-SOL.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Thursday 17-05-07
Arriving at 11.00 was R-44 G-KPAO,
Next arrival was Aircomet MD-88 EC-KBA for Air Livery.
Apron 2 had Ces 172 G-AVKG
Apron 3 had Privatair A-319 D-APAB.
Training was Tucano ZF511 as Gauntlet 62 at 11.56.
MD-88 EC-KBA (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Tucano ZF511 (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Wednesday 16-05-07
Noted at 09.00 were
J-31 G-LOVB and Ces 421 G-HIJK
AS-355 G-NWTK was parked on Police H and is standing in for EC-135 G-WCAO.
At 19.25 TB-700 N257JM arrived.

Tuesday 15-05-07
Noted were
Apron 1 Ces 310Q G-EGEE, Corvette F-GILM and BAe 125 CS-DRJ (NJE 763M and NJE 025H),
Apron 2 Ces 172 G-AVKG, outside Avon Hanger Columbia 400 N400HF pos new resident.
Training BAe 125 G-IWDB and A-109 G-STNS.
Departing Air Livery A-340 HB-JMJ.
Ces 310Q G-EGEE (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

BAe 125 G-IWDB (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
A-340 HB-JMJ (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Monday 14-05-07
Reported were B-747 9G-MKL, IAW139, J-31 G-LOVB, J-41 G-MAJV, A-109 G-STNS, Alloutte 214, PA-31 G-BPYR and AS-355 G-NTWK.
Royal mail flights have finally moved moved back to Bristol Airport, BAe 146 G-ZAPR positioned out as AWY63Y at 20.10.

Saturday 12-05-07
Reported were C-172, AS-355 G-NTWK, Gazelle G-CDJT and SR 22 N866C.

Friday 11-05-07
Noted outside the Avon Hanger was Coumbia 400 N400HF.
Reported were Be 200 G-CEGR, Robin G-BRNT, AW139 275 andF-27 TC-MBA.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Thursday 10-05-07
Apron had Be 200 F-GCTR, Corvette F-GKGA.
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MBH.
Go round AS-355 G-LNTY at 11.12,
Arriving at 11.12 BAe 125 CS-DRJ and departing at 12.00 as NJE295W.
Touch and Go Tutor G-BYXH at 11.29 as UAD35,
Departing at 12.10 was Transaero B-747 VP-BQC as TSO9748.
MK Airlines B-747 9G-MKP carried out engine runs during the early afternoon.
BAe 125 CS-DRJ (Pat Hardymn-Richards)
Be-200 F-FCTR (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
B-747 VP-BQC (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Grand old lady KKII6 / G-AMPY ( Pat Hardyman-Richards )

Wednesday 09-05-07
Apron 1 had PA-31 N250AC,
Apron 3 G-5 VP-BLR depart 10.55,
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MBA,
Departing at 10.59 Cit 560 N846MA,
Go round TB-200 G-HEVN
Behind the Brab was B-747 VP-BQC.
Cit 560 N846MA (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
G-5 VP-BLR (Pat Hardyman-Richards)
PA-31 N250AC (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Tuesday 08-05-07
Reported was B-747 9G-MKP as NKA123.

Friday 04-05-07
Ex Canadian A-340 HB-JMJ (ex C-FYX) arrived at 06.15 for Air Livery as SWR5208.
Reported was BAC-111 ZE432 as BDN5300.

Thursday 03-04-07
Noted were:-
Apron 1 SR-22 G-NETB and Corvette F-GKGA,
Apron 2 Ces 172 EI-SAC and Be 300 N37172 and R-44 G-MRKS,
Apron 4 F-27 TC-MKH.
Reported were AA-5 N2121T, PA-28 G-WARX, PA-34 G-BHFH
and Commander VP-BCT.
SR-22 G-NETB (Pat Hardyman-Richards)

Reported was PA-32 G-OIHC.

Tuesday 01-05-07
Reported were DC-8 ST-UAA, C-130 XV290 and VC-10 XV104.

Monday 30-04-07
Departing at 11.40 was United Arab Emirates B-747 A6-MMM as Dubai 2 after 3 weeks attention by Air Livery.
Apron 1 had PA-28 G-LAOL (depart 12.41).
Apron 3 had J-31 G-LOVB, Gulf N457GA and J-41 G-MAJU.
Apron 4 had F-27 TC-MBA.
Training were PA-34 G-FILE and EC-135 G-BZRS.

Friday 27-04-07
Noted were Transaero B-747 arriving as TSO554. Lithuanian Air Force C-27J 06 blue.
Be-200 G-CDZT.
Training PA-27 G-BCBG, PA-34s G-BOUMand BOIZ.
Transaero B-747 VP-BQC
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)

C-27J Blue 06 Lithuanian Air Force
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)

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