Friday, 29 May 2009

Be-200 N509MV was training at 09.00.
Arriving at 15.09 was BAe 125 CS-DRG as NJE5Q.
It joined C-152 G-BZAE
and Cit 551 G-LUXY on apron 1.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Noted were
Corvettes F-GILM and F-GFDH on apron 1,
Carrying out a go round was BAe 146 ZD621 as RRR1912 at 12.50.
Also on apron 1 was Cit 550 OE-GPS as Tyrolean Air Ambulance 832.
Apron 2 had DA-40 G-CCHA
Arriving off a shout was Bo 105 G-NDAA.
Reported was a-109 N35AG.
Tuesday 26-05-09
Reported were
C 182 G-BBYH on apron 2, PA-28 G-SCPL and Be 36 G-BNUO training.
At 18.40 VC-10 ZA149 arrived for Air Livery at 18.40
and at 18.40 DA-40 G-CCHA arrived.

Monday 25-05-09
Apron 1 had C-152 G-OVMC.
Friday 22-05-09
TBM-7 N700GY was training around 16.00.
Thursday 21-05-09
Reported was TB-20 D-EZPY on apron 2.
Tuesday 19-05-09
Reported was TBM-8 N223JG departing at 19.14

Monday, 18 May 2009

Lineing up to depart at 13.26 was F-50 N770JD
Training was Islander G-CZNE
Apron 1 had Cit 525B F-GVVB having arrived at 13.09

Also arriving was Gulfstream 1 N748AA at 20.23

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Noted on apron 1 were J-31 G-FARA
and Be 40 CS-DMS which arrived at 19.50 as NJE021D.
Also noted B-747 G-MKJA arrived as BGB123 at 13.50,
Be 200 G-RAFW and F-50 N770JD.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Arriving for Air Livery at 12.42 was Aer Lingus
A-332 EI-EWR as EIN2280.
Apron 1 had Net Jets C550 CS-DHJ
as NJE614Y.
Also on apron 1 was PA-28 G-DAAZ.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Departing Air Livery was A-330 OY-VKI
in Thomas Cook Scandinavia colours
as TCX5M to LGW at 17.45.
Apron 1 had Be 90 N554CF of Skyclad
BAe 146 D-AWUE was on the Toulouse Airbridge
as WDL319.

Also noted were
Beluga F-GSTB, AS355 G-RIDA, EC-135
J-31 G-EIGG and J-41s G-MAJX and G-ISAY.
Reported was Cit 550 N550LD.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Arriving at 13.45 was C56XLCS-DQB as NJE293Q.
Also noted were EC-135 G-HOLM, AC-355 G-RIDA
and Ce 303 G-OAPE.
Wednesday 28-04-09
Reported was Lear N300AQ.

Tuesday 28-04-09
Arriving for Air Livery at 10.15 was
A-330 OY-VKI as TCX333P.
Also noted were
C-182 OO-PWW and AS 335 G-TOPZ.

Monday 27-04-09
Having been training all morning and stopping
for lunch was this CL 601 G-LWDC, lining up to depart for further training.
Also noted was J-41 G-MAJX as EZE104.
Friday 24-04-09
Reported was Tristar ZD952 as RRR3241.

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