Thursday, 20 September 2007

Noted at 09.00 was Cit 525 OO-CEJ was on apron 1 (below)
and apron 3 had Cit 2 D-IWIN.

Later at 14.40 Apron 1 had Corvette F-GILM and PA-34 G-CAHA,
Apron 3 had B-757 N757MA (below) which had arrived with B-767 VP-CME and departed with the 767s crew.
Two Typhoons were on the A-400M wing bay coded QO-W and DB.
At 16.00 A-340-600 F-WWCA landed, back tracked and departed.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Apron 2 had SR 20 G-VGAG,
Apron 3 had Cit 2 D-IWIN and Be 350 N37172
Apron 1 had Corvette F-GILM.

Tuesday 18-09-07
Noted were Cit 560 (below) on apron 1
Apron 2 Ces 310 G-IMLI
Apron 4 ? J-41 G-MAJV.
Reported were
PA-32 G-BAGG and PA-31 G-ONPA.

Monday 27-09-07
Reported was Ces 172 G-PJTM.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Noted were between 09.00 and 09.30

Cit 560 N846MA and Cit N550LD,

Arriving at 09.14 was TB-20 N33NW

and at 09.30 was Emirates B-777 A6-EMN as UAE7007 (Below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards.

Saturday 15-09-07
Noted were Mooney LX-ART apron 2
Cit 560 OO-CLX apron 3
and the Red Arrows.

Wednesday 12-09-07
Noted were
Apron 1 Corvette F-GILM , J-31 G-BTXG and Cit 560 CS-DXD (Below)
Pat Hardyman-Richards
Apron 2 had TB-20 G-MOOR and PA-32 BBSM,
Apron 3 CL 60 G-LVLV (Below) departed at 14.56 as GMA845.

Training were Be 76 N800VM, Cit 560 G-OMRH and AS-355 G-LNTY.

Tuesday 11-09-07
Noted were
Apron 1 Cit 550 G-OMRH and Corvette F-GILM,
Apron 2 PA-34 G-OWLC,
Departing were J-41 G-MAJV and PA-28 G-BJCA,
Training were PA-28 G-OMHC and PA-34 G-CAHA.

Monday 10-09-07
Noted were
South east H S-76 G-XXEA,
Apron 1 J-31 G-BXTG and PA34 G-BUUE (Below)
(Pat Hardyman-Richards)
Apron 2 PA-32 G-BBSM,
Apron 3 J-41 G-MAJV,
Sea King ZF121 was training.

Sunday 09-09-07
Reported were F-900 OY-OKK, LJ-45s G-GMAA and G-ZXZX
as well as Citation Jet A7-CJI.

Saturday 08-09-07
Reported were C-130 XV212 and ZH880 passing over head.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Noted were

At 12.30 Be 90 G-BMKD training,

At 13.30 on apron 1 was PA-46 SE-LYL (BELOW)

Pat Hardyman-Richards

Also on apron 1 were PA-28 G-BOUP and Corvette F-GILM,

Apron 2 had PA-28 G-ATVS,

Apron 3 had J-41 G-MAJV.

At 14.43 Be 76 G-BIMZ was training.
DC-8 VP-BHM arrived at 18.15 and parked on apron 3. (BELOW)
Pat Hardyman-Richards

Monday 03-09-07
Apron 1 had Hawk XX335 (BELOW)
Pat Hardyman-Richards
and J-31 G-LOVB.
Training later were C-130 ZH881 as RRR530
and F-900 G-GALX.
Reported were J-41 G-MAJV, PA-34 G-BGFT and DA-42s G-CTCD / FCAB.

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