Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Between 09.00 and 10.30
PA-46 F-GHRR was on apron 1
B-747 N748CK and DC-8 9G-MKC were behind the Brab hanger,
B-747 G-MKAA in centre bay,
Cit 550 N550LD departed at 09.15,
Training were PA-34 G-BEJV, MAIR and BGTV, A-109 G-TGRA,
PA-28 G-BOUP and G-BPKR as well as C-130 XV299.
Cit 560XLS N88SF arrived at 09.12,
Be 200 G-CDFY arrived at 09.55

Between 12.20 and 13.00

Ces 182 G-RCWK departed at 12.26

Mytravel A-332 G-OMYT (above) arrived at 12.30 as MYT005M

Training were PA-34 G-BOUL and PA-28 G-BXYT.

Later at 13.31 Vickers VC-10 ZD241 (N)

departed as RRR905 (below)

Noted were J-31 G-BTXG (HWY74)
Be 200 G-CDZT (Vickers 04)
J-41 G-MAJG (EZE105 / 106)
A-319 D-APAB.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Monday 28-01-08
Reported landing at 07.45 was B-747 G-MKAA as MKA456,
Noted were PA-34 G-FILE training as CLF43,
Corvette F-GLEC on apron 1,
and B-747 N748CK behind the Brab hanger.

Thursday 24-01-08
Reported were BAe 125 CS-DNL as NJE921T at 16.05,
and Cit 550 N550LD.

Tuesday 22-01-08
Sentry ZH105 departed at 11.10 as Nato 01,
training was F-900 G-CBHT.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Saturday 19-01-08
Being towed out of Air Livery was
Sentry ZH105

Reported were
B-747 G-MKHA departed at 16.33 as MKA747
also visiting was Dauphin G-LCPL as Starspeed 24 a BRI weather diversion.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Arriving at 11.03 was this VC-10 ZD241 (M)
as RRR868.

At 11.37 F-2000 N377GM arrived and departed at 12.03.

Also noted at this time were Be 76 G-BZNN at 11.30

as Black Adder 03.

J-41 G-MAJK visited as EZE1637 / 1638.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Saturday 12-01-08
On the north western engine run bay were
DC-8s 9G-MKH and 9G-MKG
Friday 11-01-08
Transaero B-747 VP-BQC departed at 10.42 as TSO9742.
Thursday 10-01-08
Noted at 14.30 were B-747 9G-MKM
engine running on the runway, departed at 18.10 as MKA789,
Transaero B-747 VP-BQC low power runs behind hanger,
B-747 N748CK on apron 4
and Corvette F-GFDH on apron 1.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Wingleted BAe 125 G-CERX was training
as Hanger 817 during the late morning and early afternoon.
J-41 G-MKJK departed at 13.30 as EZE104.
B-747 MKBA departed at 15.21 as MKA789

MD-81 SE-DMT departed at 15.36 as Norse Rider902P
A-109 G-TGRA arrived at 13.49 with DA-42 G-CTCH
training at 15.30.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Arriving at 08.53 was this Lear Jet 45 G-STUF
It departed around 10.10.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Arriving mid morning was this

for attention by Air Livery

Also noted were B-747s VP-BQC and G-MKEA

behind the Brab hanger.

On apron 4 was B-747 N748CK

With AS-355 on the south east H.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Arriving at 12.43 was B-747 G-MKEA as MKA456.

Apron 1 had Corvette F-GLEC.

Apron 2 had Schweizer G-TAMB as Pipeline 4.

Apron 4 had B-747s VP-BQC and N748CK.

South east H had AS-355 G-NTWK.

DC-8 9G-MKC is still being parted out out side the west bay of the Brab hanger.

C-130 C3 ZV299 was training as RRR651.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year
Between 09.00 and 09.15 the following were noted
Outside 501 hanger Cit 550 N550LD and Cit 560 N845MA,
Apron 2 PA-28 N8105Z.
Apron 4 B-747 N874CK.
Behind Royal Mail BAe 146 G-JEAO.
Concorde apron G-BOAF.
Early arrival for Air Livery was MD-81 SE-DMT.
Privatair A-319 A-319 arrived at 09.07 as Privatair 318.
At 14.25 PA-31 G-BPYR departed with AS-355 departing at 14.26.

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