Saturday, 31 May 2008

Friday 09-05-08
Reported were Merlin ZJ119 and B-747 G-MKBA arriving at 11.45.

Thursday 08-05-08
Arriving at 08.55was VC-10 ZA150 as RRR905 for Air Livery.

Also noted were LJ-40 G-STUF,Ces 421 G-KWLI,DA-40 G-DIAM,

J-42 G-MAJL, J-31 G-JURA, PA-32 G-WINS and B-767 VP-CME departing.

Wednesday 07-05-08
Noted were Be 200 G-CDFY, Corvette F-GILM, LJ-40 G-STUF,
PA-34 G-GOAC, DC-8s 9G-MKH and 9G-MKG.
B-747s G-MKAA and N748CK.
J-41 G-MAJLand DA-40 G-DIAM.
Landing at 17.39 was BAe 146 D-AWUE
with A-310 CS-TEI arriving at 17.42 for Air Livery.

Tuesday 06-05-08
Pron had J-31 G-JURA and Corvette F-GILM.
Apron 3 had J-41 G-MAJL. Apron 5 had Glex VP-BYY.
Training was Cit 525 G-SEAJ.
Be 18 (reported as) G-BKGM /HB275 passed over head.

Saturday 03-05-08
Apron 1 had Ces HB-CGU and PA-28 G-BOUP,
Apron 2 had Lancair N400HF and Eurostar G-IDOL.
Departing at 16.40 was Flyzoom B-767 G-CZNA as UKZ89F.

Friday 02-05-08
Reported were
B-737 LN.KKR training on an airtest from Lasham.
A-109 N800WK on s/e H, TB-20 outside 501 hanger,
Katana G-BXTS outside Avon hanger,
and Ces G-BMMK apron 1.

Thurday 01-05-08
Training was BAC-111 ZE432 as BDN53 around 11.30.

Wednesday 30-04-08
B-747 G-MKDA departed at 15.00 as MKA709.

Saturday 26-04-08
Reported were
ATR 72 OK-XFC departed as CSA9287 at 17.00.
Yak 18T HA-HUA, DR 400 G-OYIO, R-22 G-DGOD and PA-28 G-AYRI.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Friday 25-04-08
On passing Filton on my way for a weekend break
Avanti OY-TLP was on apron 1.
Reported were P-51 Mustang G-BIXL, Spitfire G-BKMI,
Premier Jet CS-DMK, BAe 125 G-VIPI and ZD704. DA-42 G-CTCE,
A-109 G-TGRA.

Thursday 24-04-08

Challenger N289K departed at 09.28.

Departing at 12.30 was B-747 G-MKGA as MKA789.

B-737 OM-HLC was towed out of Air Livery as the two photos below.

Also noted were B-747 G-MKDA, G-MKAA and N748CK.

J-41 G-MAJL arrived as EZE103 at 13.20,

Fly Zoom B-767 G-CZNA as Flyzoom 072F at 13.50

Training was C-130J ZH879 at 13.57.
Reported were RH-22 G-DGOD, Be 200 G-BVMA and Avanti OY-TLP.

Wednesday 23-04-08
Noted were B-747 G-MKDA arriving at 08.39 as MKA456.
Crew bus for the B-747 was PA-31 G-ONPA.
Corvette F-GILM , SR-20 G-GEMM, RC 112TC N4599W,
TB-20 G-BTZO, B-747 G-MKGA, N748CK, B-767 VP-CME, BAe 146 G-JEAO,
Concorde G-BOAF and DC-8 9G-MKG.
Two Pumas carried out a low aproach and go round one was XW214 as
Vortex 365 at 12.37, Robin G-BLWY,Cit 550 G-VUEZ, J-41 G-MAJL A-109 G-TGRA
and Cit 525 511TC as Semitrans 1.

Tuesday 22-04-08
Noted was Cit 525 G-OEBJ.
Reported were B-747 G-MKGA and PA-32 G-ELLA.

Monday 21-04-08
Noted were J-41 G-MAJI, Corvette F-GLEC, Cit 750 G-CDCX
Be 200 G-CDZT, SR 20 G-GEMM and Lancair N400HF.

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