Saturday, 19 April 2008

Arriving at 16.01 was this ATR 72 OK-XFC as CSA9286.
Also noted were TB-20 G-SAPM and
M.K. Cargo B-747 G-MKBA which departed at 16.53 as MKA789.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Arriving at 10.37 as MKA886 was B-747 G-MKBA
and on apron 1 was Lear Jet 40 G-STUF as ACG20B.

Thursday 17-04-08
Turkish Cargo A-310 TC-JCY was tugged out of Air Livery
Also noted were
Arriving J-31 G-EIGG, Be 200 G-CDFY, Eurostar G-IDOL
and Astreaus B-737 G-STRJ as AEU001P.

Training were

DA-42 G-CTCE, PA-34 G-GOAC, Griffen ZJ707 and Griffen ZJ234.

Departing was Robin G-BLWY.

Reported was Corvette F-GILM.

Wednesday 16-04-08
Reported were
Corvette F-GILM,R-114 G-HPSB, Ces 182 G-ZGZG
J-41 G-MAJL, B-767 VP-CME and B-747 N748CK.

Sunday 13-04-08

Departing at 10.20 was Thomas Cook A-320 G-GTDL as TCX316P.

Saturday 12-04-08
At 07.44 the following were noted
B-767 VP-CME, B-747 N748CK, BAe 146 G-JEAO,
SR-20 G-GEMM, PA-28 G-LTFC and BSEF.
At 17.03 B-747 G-MKFA departed as MIF1821 to Istambul on lease to Miras Air.
It had a blue Eagle lifting a blue shipping container with
Arbital written under it.

Friday 11-04-08
Noted were
B-747 G-MKFA arriving as MKA789 at 11.15 from Manston
B-747 G-MKBA departing at 13.38 as MKA747 to Luxemburg.
Reported was PA-28 G-DIAT.

Thursday 10-04-08
Noted were
B-747 G-MKBA, Be 200 G-WATJ, Be 300 N37172, SR-20 G-GEMM
Corvette F-GKGA and J-31 G-NFLA.
Reported were
R-44 G-KPAO, C-150 G-BRTJ and PA-31 G-EEJE.

Wednesday 09-04-08
Reported were
R-44 G-ROCT, B-747 G-MKCA,PA-28 G-IBFW
and Squirrel G-WDKR.

Tuesday 08-04-08
Reported were
BAe 125-800 CS-DRT, B-747 G-MKCA, Gazelle ZB669 as AAC235
and Cit 501 G-JTNC.

Monday 07-04-08
Reported were Ces 441 N22CG, PA-28 G-BJBX,A-109 G-TGRA
and J-41 G-MAJJ.
Noted was Cit 560XL CS-DFM as NJE148K.

Monday 06-04-08
Reported was Cit-550 CS-DHB as NJE014R

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Saturday 05-04-08
Turkish A-310 TC-JCY arrived at 13.55 and exited the runway
on to Taxiway Foxtrot. After trying 4 towbars which were all the wrong ones
It turned under its own power and then taxied to apron 3.
Its FOLLOW ME was carried out by the Big Tug?
Apron one had Ces 182 G-BGAJ.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Thursday, 3 April 2008

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